St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Curriculum Portfolio 2022-2023


Autumn Term 2022


 Autumn 2 2022


Advent Liturgies


Advent Mass

Y5 transition Christmas Party

British Values - Tolerance

Sacrament of reconciliation

Ben Harper - Y6 retreat

Cafod catholic teaching workshops

Dinosaur department session

Y2 trip to Whirlow Farm

Y3 trip to Murton Park


Autumn 1 2022

British values focus week - individual liberty

Harvest Mass

Owl visit for EYFS

Roald Dahl Day

British values - democracy

Cafod harvest assembly


Spring Term 2023


Spring 2 2023

 Lent liturgies

Y5 swimming

Elizabeth Green - author visit

Y2 class trip to Eyam

Whole school art exhibition

Good shepherd

Science week

World book day

World maths day

British values - mutual respect

Eco schools waste week

Fair trade

Class Masses

Sacrament of reconciliation


Spring 1  2023

Art project

Children’s mental health week

Safer Internet Day

British values - rule of law

Y5 languages day at McAuley

Holocaust Memorial Day

Summer Term 2023

End of Term Choral Performance 

World Ocean Day - Our world our future drama workshop 

Summer Term 2023

End of Term Choral Performance

Mr Edge from the Diocese of Hallam lead choral performances with Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6.

World Ocean Day - Our world our future drama workshop 

We have had a brilliant drama workshop with West End in Schools. We learnt all about how to be ‘Planet Protectors’ and how we can reduce carbon in our world. 

We found out about fossil fuels, the carbon blanket, carbon sinks, renewable energy, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and plastic in the ocean. We learnt about how we can use more renewable energy to reduce the carbon which can help restore the balance of our world. 

Ask at home about what they’ve learnt and they can teach you to be a planet protector as well.

Spring 2 2023

 Lent liturgies

Year 6 - Lent Liturgy

Year 4 - Lent Liturgy

Elizabeth Green Author Visit

Year 2 trip to Eyam

Year 2 had a great time learning about how the plague came to Eyam, and how they saved the nearby villages and towns by quarantining themselves. 

We found out the stories of some of the families in the village, and how they recovered from the plague afterwards. We got to walk through the lovely village to see the plague cottages, the stocks and the churchyard where many of the families we learnt about are buried. 

The children behaved exceptionally well and were an absolute credit to the school.
Our next writing unit will be using the photos from our trip to write a recount of the events of the day.


On Wednesday 22nd March, we held an art exhibition in school to celebrate St. Joseph's day. All the children produced a beautiful piece of artwork, which was framed and displayed in the school hall.

During the day, all classes had the opportunity to look around the art exhibition and from 3:00pm we welcomed parents and/or carers to come in and have a look around.


At St Joseph's School we held a toy and book Swap and Pop day. We encouraged our children to be an Eco-Superhero! It's time to SWAP, POP and DROP and not shop, to care for our environment!

What happens on Swap and Pop day?

Each pupil can bring in 1 unwanted book or toy to SWAP it for 1 different toy or book with friends from their class.


Science Week

We celebrated science week by carrying out many different investigations, all around school. We explored density, static electricity, magnets, water absorption, lemon volcanoes and more!

World Book Day 

Class Masses

Sacrament of Reconciliation and Easter Blessing

Spring 1 2023

Art project

Children’s mental health week - Grandparents day

Y5 languages day at McAuley

The children really enjoyed their visit to McAuley again where they participated in a range of activities including having a continental breakfast, having French and Spanish lessons as well as having a quiz against other schools based on some of their learning from the day.


We were invited to take part in a special memorial service at Doncaster museum for Holocaust Memorial Day.
The Year 5 and Year 6 children who came all stood up and spoke about Anne Frank, how she was an ordinary girl who is remembered for an extraordinary diary recount of the war. Through incredibly difficult years of suffering, Anne remained positive and hopeful about the future, and her unwavering faith in the good in people is still inspiring for us today.
I was very proud of the children who came with me to represent St. Joseph’s. They spoke confidently to a room full of people and treated the occasion with the correct level of respect it deserved.
Mrs Courtney.

Autumn 2 2022



Some members of our staff and children in KS2, who have made their First Holy Communion, received the Sacrament of Confession with Father Henry. Father also gave all of the other children a Christmas blessing.

It was lovely to spend a few quiet and peaceful moments communicating with God during such a busy month of preparation for Christmas.

Y6 Retreat Day with Ben Harper

CAFOD Teaching Workshops

KS1 Dinosaur Department Musical Stories

Year 2 trip to Whirlow Hall Farm

Year 2 visited Whirlow Hall Farm to learn about farm life. 

Year 3 trip to Murton Park

Year 3 visited a Roman Fort in York, Murton Park to learn more about their topic, Ancient Rome.

Autumn 1 2022

EYFS Yorkshire Owl Experience

The children really enjoyed the owl visit on 27th September 2022. We were able to watch them fly and learn about their habitat, and which creatures they like to eat.