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School Year 2021 - 2022

Spring 1

Free Parenting Clinic - Behaviour

What is going on with your child's behaviour?

Do you often question why your child is behaving in a certain way? Why are they hitting/kicking/lashing out? Why do they always shout? Why won't they listen?

What is your approach to discipline like? Do you tend to react the same way each time?

Join Anisa (Parenting Coach) on the 10th of February for her monthly Free Parenting Clinics, this talk is focused on behaviour and what we can do to support ourselves and our young people.

Join us on zoom, for the 30-minute talk.

Book here:


email: for the booking link

* there is no expectation for videos or microphones to be on unless the parent chooses too.

Autumn 2

Healthier Together

Visit the Healthier Together website, written by Doctors and Health and Care Staff in South Yorkshire for advice and guidance on a wide range of common illnesses and medical conditions that affect children and young people aged between 0-18, and for advice on when you should/ shouldn’t send them to school:

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying week is taking place on 15th to 19th November 2021, and the theme this year is ‘One Kind Word’

You can get involved by printing off the templates, write and colour in ‘One Kind Word’ then share your creations on social media platforms (either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using #antibullyingweek and tagging the Doncaster Young Advisors team @DoncasterYAS or email them to: and they can put together a montage of kind creations!

What would also be amazing is if students could give their ‘One Kind Word’ to someone they may not normally speak to; by doing this that ‘One Kind Word’ could change that young person’s entire day, start the change of kinder acts and bring an end to hurtful behaviours.

By doing this we can all come together and help spread kindness!


Please click here to download and print the colouring sheet.

Autumn 1

Lunchtime Award Certificate Competition

Mrs Kelly set the children a competition to create a lunchtime award certificate.

They were asked to design a certificate on an A4 sheet of paper either by computer or by hand.

A panel of our Y6 children then had to pick their favourite, and this will be used each week for use in our assemblies. There was a prize for the one picked for use and a gift for all the children who took part.

Here are the entries below

and here is the winning entry, congratulations...

Roald Dahl Day Mr Wonka Hat Competition

Here are our class winners from the competition, they had to use their creative powers to design Mr Wonka a new hat. Making it bright and colourful for him to stand out in the crowd.  Aren't their creations fabulous, they each won a special prize, well done.

School Year 2020 - 2021

Sports Day 6th July 2021


All the children took part in our sports day. There were many activities to take part in including a football ball balance, and a bean bag throw. The children all enjoyed the day and were very supportive of one another and cheered each other on.

Sports day certificates.
Well done to the winners of our certificates for Teamwork, Determination and Passion.
As well as the individual winners of our running races last week.

Year 1

We all had a great time on sports day!

Year 2

A great way to start our sports day fun.

Jasdeep yoga got us all ready and raring to go...

We completed 4 activities during the day which were Wimbledon, Olympics, Rugby and Football.

We had so much fun on our sports day and really enjoyed each challenge.
Well done to everybody, and especially the girls who won our class prizes.

Year 3
We beat the rain! We all enjoyed the sports day activities this morning.

Well done Year 3 for an excellent Sports Day. I'd like to specifically congratulate our certificate winners!

They stood out today for excellent determination, they showed great passion in everything they did and worked amazingly well as part of a team.

Year 4

Year 4 have had an amazing day today for sports day!

Year 6

Our sports day was so much fun today. We took part in many traditional races and some not so traditional! 
We managed to dodge the rain too!
Well done to everyone for being brilliant sports and making it a fabulous day.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation gave us some timed points challenges to take part in for the South Yorkshire School Games Sports Day today.

Not only did we award first, second and third certificates for our class, we also complimented 3 children with passion, determination and teamwork.

However, it wasn’t easy to pick as so many stood out today so positively.
Well done everyone!!

Sports Week

Circus Skills

Carnival Dance

Free Style Football


Reception had an amazing time this afternoon meeting a very talented freestyle football player who taught them some cool tricks.

Running Track Class Race

Refugee Week

A celebration of work from across school for Refugee week and RSHE day. 

Year 2

23rd June 2021

This afternoon, Year 2 have been celebrating our differences and our uniqueness. We created some self-portraits to show the diversity of our class.

We also read ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckman as this week is also Refugee focus week. We found out what a refugee is, and used the story of Leaf to think about how refugees might feel and how to show care and respect to others as God teaches us.

Some amazing artwork and thoughtfulness from our class this afternoon. Great job guys!

Year 4

Last week we celebrated Refugee week in school. The theme for this was ‘We cannot walk alone’ As a class we read and discussed the story There’s room for everyone ‘ by Anahita Teymorian. We then reflected on the theme for Refugee week either in writing or through art.

Year 5

Refugee week/RSE day

For Refugee week, the children in Year 5 looked at different terms to describe people who have left their countries including ‘Migrants’, ‘Asylum Seekers’ and ‘Refugees’. They listened to stories about people this had happened to, and they looked at people who have tried to help in these situations. They celebrated the similarities and differences between people throughout the world, and we created a class collage of our self-portraits to show this.

Careers Week - 14th to 18th June 2021


Nursery had a special visit from a police officer. The children were very excited and asked lots of questions. The children got to hold a police baton and got to see at all the different items the officers have to have with them to do their job.


Year 1

We’ve been exploring different careers this afternoon in celebration of careers week. We have labelled a picture with all of the jobs that we can see and we have written our dream jobs on butterflies. Lots of us want to be ninjas!

Year 3

We loved having Luke in as part of Careers Week. Luke told us what a job in the police entails, and even let us take a seat in the parked police car!

Year 4

We had a visit from a police officer to support our learning in Careers week. We asked loads of great questions.

Year 5

The children have enjoyed they work they have been doing recently about different careers. They have been able to consider a range of careers and what they would need to be good at in order to do these. They enjoyed asking questions to some of the people who have come into school, including local MP Nick Fletcher and a police officer. They children were able to create a butterfly and put their chosen future career on this for them to aim towards doing.

French Day 17th June 2021

Nursery enjoyed their day learning about Cameroon. The children danced to ‘Makossa’ a style of Cameroonian music,and learnt that the star on the flag and the red represents unity. The green represents the countries forests and the yellow represents the sun. The children loved saying ‘ Bonjour’ as well as looking at items from the country such as a calabash bowl.

Year 1

Year one thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Year 2

A great start to our French day... pain au chocolat for breakfast

Yesterday we tried lots of different French foods to begin our French day activities... we had brie, camembert, baguette, croissant and chocolate crepes... ask your children which one they enjoyed the most.

We also learnt about other traditional French foods including escargot and cuisses de grenouilles.

This morning we have been writing about the different facts we have learnt about French culture, traditions, food and geography.

Did you know that French people eat frogs legs?

Did you know that French people greet eat other with a kiss on each cheek?

Did you know that France is in Europe?

Ask at home what other facts we have learnt so far...

We have also been collaging some French flags

Year 4

Bonjour! Here are some photos to give you a flavour of French Day, where we found out more about life in Cameroon. We wore red, green and yellow to represent the national flag, looked at artefacts, made collages to represent different aspects of Cameroon, and identified different towns in Cameroon by using co-ordinates. It was a good day!

Year 5

French Day – Haiti

For ‘French Day’, the Year 5 children found out about the French speaking country ‘Haiti’. They were able to work in groups to look at a range of information about Haiti, and they then organised it into sections to create their own poster about this.

What's Under your Feet


What’s under your feet campaign 16th June 2021

The children looked at how many soil invertebrates are living beneath our feet. Certain bird species like the Starling are in decline, and completing the dig we are finding out what food is available for the birds to eat. The children found lots of worms and ants and a beetle.


This afternoon we dug a square in our school grounds to find out ‘What’s under your feet?’ to find 9 worms and 1 centipede!

Year 1

Whats Under your Feet - Monday 14th June 2021

What’s under your feet?

There has been a decline in certain bird species and scientists are not entirely sure why. Y1 carried out a 30x30cm dig to investigate what soil invertebrates are beneath our feet. As you can see by their faces, they absolutely loved it! Sadly, we only found 1 beetle, 3 ants and 1 grub. Not much bird food in our field.  But, some amazing ideas and discussions from our intelligent group.

Year 2

Year 2 have been completing the ‘What’s under your feet?’ campaign. We have been searching for different invertebrates in our school field to see what options birds have to eat in our local area.

This data will be sent to the National campaign to help track birds in our country.

We had loads of fun, but unfortunately we didn’t find very many creatures.

Year 3

Today, we took part in the "What’s Under Your Feet?" campaign.

The campaign is all about finding out what soil invertebrates are living beneath our feet. Certain bird species like the Starling are in decline and scientists are not entirely sure why. By completing the dig we are finding out what food is available for the birds to eat.

We had to:
1. Dig a patch of turf in our school field
2. Sort, identify and record the invertebrates we found in the soil
3. Carefully put the invertebrates back, before replacing the turf
4. Update our results to the Pod using the data collection tool

We Can Grow - Year 4

Thursday 17th June 2021

We had another lovely, sunny afternoon enjoying taking part in the 'We can grow' project. Our seeds have developed; we have lots of vegetables growing and have even harvested some radishes. We learned more about seed distribution as we explored how weeds were growing in the troughs. We collected seeds, grasses and flowers and looked at these under hand-held microscopes which showed a magnified image on an iPad. We were amazed!

Eyes of the World Campaign 


CAFOD Eyes of the world campaign

The children watched a video on how important it is to look after our climate and how the changing climate affects the poorer countries in the world. The children designed their own eyes to show our world leaders the world is watching them, ensuring they make the right decisions to tackle the climate crisis.

Year 1

Year One enjoyed learning about “Eyes of the world”. They are now able to discuss how they would feel if they had to travel a long way for water or if their local area became flooded. They have great ideas about how we can help and support other people around the world, who may be in less fortunate circumstances than themselves. 

Year 2

The eyes of the world are watching and so are Year 2 

This afternoon Year 2 have been learning about the eyes of the world campaign. This is a global campaign for the COP26 meeting of world leaders to discuss climate change.

The eyes of the world campaign lets world leaders know that they are being watched and they need to make sure the decisions they make will have a positive impact on our planet. 

Year 3

Our Eyes of the World artwork.

Year 4

Check out our Eyes of the World artwork for CAFOD.

Year 5

In Year 5, for our ‘Eyes of the World’ focus, we discussed in class how climate change is something that needs to be tackled now and not left for future generations as mentioned by Pope Francis. The children were made aware of how the leaders of the world will be meeting in November to make decisions about this, and that they have the power and influence to make these changes. We looked at how CAFOD and Pope Francis are encouraging us all to stand together about this, so our voices can be heard. We produced our own artwork focusing on drawing eyes with the world inside to show our attention is on the decisions being made about our planet.

Year 6

This week year 6 have designed their own, ‘eyes of the world’ poster to support Cafod’s campaign to help fight the climate crisis. As Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nations’ climate change talks – COP26 – they will make important decisions that will shape the future of our global family, and we want to call on the Prime Minister to support the world’s poorest communities affected by the climate crisis.

Check out our amazing year 6 posters…

World Oceans Day - Tuesday 8th June 2021

Today the children listened to the story ‘Lost and Found’ a story about a little boy and a penguin and their growing friendship as they travel to the South Pole. We also looked at a map to see just how much of the ocean covers our planet. The children later coloured in pictures showing how important the ocean is and why we must look after it.

Year 2

Year 2 have been working hard this afternoon to create some artwork showing the impact humans have had on our world oceans. We have been shocked to learn some facts about ocean pollution and looked at some pictures of how our oceans have been damaged by plastic from humans.

Year 4
The theme for World Oceans Day was pollution.
Year 4 did work based on the book ‘Song of the Dolphin Boy.’ We compared the different descriptions of the sea and how we impact it, both in positive and negative ways. We then created artwork to visually compare the oceans.

Year 5

For ‘World Ocean’s Day’ the Year 5 children looked at the book ‘Song of the Dolphin Boy’ by Elizabeth Laird to begin to consider the damage we are causing to our oceans and the author’s views on this. We then looked in more detail about some of the ways this damage is being caused and what we can do to help reduce this.

London History Day - 31st May 2021


Celebrating London week.

During London week the children looked where London was located on the map in comparison to Rossington. We spoke about the important landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and London Bridge, as well as it being the capital of England.
All the children then listened to the story Baggy Bear and the Royal Baby, afterwards the children made their own crowns.


Year 1

Year one enjoyed learning about London History Day before half term. We focused on Sir Steve Backshall and his MBE.

Year 4

London History Day

Before half term, we spent London History Day learning about and comparing the UK and Africa. We used language such as developing countries and developed countries. We used our reading skills to help us compare the two locations, thinking about population, largest city and religions.

It was fantastic to hear how engaged the children were in learning and they were able to make links to CAFOD’s eyes of the world campaign!

Year 5

For London History week, Year 5 focused on the life of Helen Sharman. The children found out about Helen, who was the first British person to go into Space, and they made comparisons to Tim Peake who they are currently focusing on in their topic work. Helen applied for the job of being an astronaut whilst working as an engineer in London, and she continues to work at Imperial College, London.

Butterflies - Nursery to Year 1


Before half term the children watched the butterflies being released after having them in the class. The children loved watching the different stages of the caterpillars and were very excited to watch them turn into butterflies and fly off.


Year 1

We have 5 new additions to our class. We’re so happy they have successfully left their chrysalis and are drinking the sugary water to gain strength whilst their wings harden and dry.

We Can Grow - Year 4

More learning and fun in the sunshine today as part of our ‘We can grow’ project!

Martial Arts Caged Steel - Year 3 and 4

Year 4

Warming up in Martial Arts

Gymnastic Sessions

Year 1

Some action shots from our gymnastics sessions.

Year 2

Monday 21st June 2021

The children have been working really hard on their gymnastics routine.
Yesterday was the final session with our gymnastics coach! 
What a great performance from all the class; great job guys

Year 4

Year 4 have really enjoyed their gymnastics sessions over the last 6 weeks. Today they are putting together their own routines including lifts.

KIXX Sessions

Year 2

Earth Day- 22nd April 2021


To celebrate Earth day the children listened to a short video on why it is so important that we look after the Earth and the places where we live. The children learnt why it is important not to drop litter, placing items such as plastic and paper in the special boxes we have in our homes.
To help celebrate, the children created their own Earth using blue and green paint hand prints to represent the water and land.


In Reception we spent time thinking about how we can look after our Earth. The children came up with some lovely ideas, such as doing a litter pick. We have created our very own Earth pictures using shaving foam and food colouring. The children explored how the colours changed when mixed together and we spoke about the texture of the shaving foam.

Year 2

Today, Year 2 have been learning about Earth Day. We have looked at how our Earth has changed over the last 200 years and the effect of Greenhouse gases on our planet. We have also looked at how we, as humans, are affecting our World.

We went litter picking around the school fence on the field and collected 3 bin bags full of rubbish... we were shocked at what we found!!

Year 4

Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day. The theme this year was ‘Restore the Earth’.

Year 4 watched the Laudate Si CAFOD clip and discussed the key messages from it and what we can do about it to help ‘Restore the Earth.’ We then shared a story called ‘A place for plastic’, again we shared the key messages from this and what we can do to help.

The children then wrote an Earth Day Promise using what they had seen and heard.

We then linked Earth Day to our Meditation session for the week and did some Mindfulness colouring.

Year 6

International Day of Forests - 21st March 2021


International Forest Day
To acknowledge this day the children during our Forest school session mixed mud with water to make mud paint.
They then took turns to paint the trunk and the branches to create 3 different pictures of trees.


During our Forest School session, we explored our outdoor learning area and in pairs the children searched for different natural materials and insects. The children had a scavenger hunt worksheet with a list of natural materials and insects to look for. The children investigated the trees and under rocks to see what they could find.

Year 1

International Day of Forests 
We had a circle time to discuss why trees are important such as giving us clean air. We then linked this to our Africa topic, by looking at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. We compared Rossington woods to the Bwindi Forest by highlighting the fact that it is the habitat to gorillas and has lots of rain! 

Year 4

For International Day of Forests, we considered and discussed the question: Can forest food provide a healthy diet?

We discussed our favourite food, and where it comes from. We then read information about the forests of Africa and where the indigenous people of Africa eat. We compared our diets.

Year 6


Reception - 16th March 2021

As part of our growing topic we had some chicks in school. The children watched them hatch in their incubator and finally when they were a little older the children got to hold them. It was a lovely experience for the children and they were very eager to hold them again.


Science Week - 8th to 12th March 2021

During science week the children made predictions as to whether different items would float or sink. Once they made their prediction the children watched what happened to the item. They placed rocks, sticks, shells cork and polystyrene into the water. Afterwards the children were asked about a number of different items and if they were going to be soft or hard. The children all made their own predictions and were excited to see if their predictions were correct.

Year 1
We had 8 clues to crack an eight-digit code set by Mrs Wallhead. We had to work out different problems that were based on our learning about materials. It was great fun!

Year 2

We’ve had such a fun afternoon celebrating Science Week!

Year 4

For Science Week, year 4 worked in teams to solve challenges to complete an escape room. They applied their knowledge of states of matter to complete these tasks. They really enjoyed completing these tasks and it was great to see them put all their learning into practice!

Year 6

SCHOOL NATIVITY VIDEO - Wednesday 16th December 2020
The link below takes you to the St Joseph's 2020 Nativity.

Please call the school office for the password.
I hope you enjoy our virtual performance this year. We certainly feel proud of the children and thought they did the best they could in the circumstances we currently have.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - School Panto Wednesday 9th December 2020

 Everyone really enjoyed this years Panto even if it was a little different to usual!


The nursery children really enjoyed the pantomime this morning. There was lots of dancing to the music on our chairs, clapping and of course boos for the wicked witch!


Year 1

Year 2

UPDATED BEHAVIOUR POLICY - Tuesday 1st December 2020
St Joseph's behaviour policy is due for renewal and so the new policy is here. There have been some changes made to the policy, particularly around the sanctions for children who display unacceptable levels of behaviour. Some of the changes made in this policy are based on other school's successful management of behaviour to ensure that high standards are consistently in place and maintained. Good behaviour leads to good learning as children are focused and engaged and I am a strong believer in this.
The new policy will take effect from Monday 7th December where all of the new behaviour charts and systems will be explained to the children in their classes.
This allows a consultation period for the rest of this week so that you can read through the policy at a time which suits you and ask any questions you may have linked to it's content. Parents supporting school is a partnership which cannot be valued enough and we always have the most success when both school and home work together to support the child.
Miss Marsden

Doncaster Educational Psychology Service want to hear your views!
They would like to know how you have found returning to school or education in Doncaster.
Please click here to fill out the survey.

Citizens Advice

Posters for information about Citizens Advice centres in Doncaster. If you have any queries please use the contact details on the posters.

WOW! Thank you so much for your generosity this year towards celebrating Harvest Fast. We have raised £200 to donate to CAFOD and Doncaster Food Bank were amazed at the amount of food that has been donated when they collected it earlier today. As always we have come together as a community to support others in need and shown great kindness and compassion.

Harvest Fast Day   


On Thursday the 8th October the children in Nursery sent in donations of food items. The children learnt that the food they brought in will help other families around Doncaster. The children then listened to a story ‘What Wanda Wants’ Learning that it is important to have manners and to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. In the story Wanda never said this when asking for something, the children said that Wanda should say ‘Please can I have this’ and to say ‘Thank you’ afterwards


In Reception, we celebrated Harvest Fast Day by reading a story called, ‘The Elephant and the Bad Baby.’ We listened to the story and discussed what happened. The children identified that the Bad Baby wasn’t being kind when he didn’t say ‘please’. The children understood that we always must be polite and say ‘please and thank you’ to people. We also discussed what we are thankful for and some of the children spoke about the food we eat at dinner time. During choosing time the children created thank you cards in the creative area and explained what they were grateful for. 

Year 1

Year 1 had some reflection time about what harvest festival means and who it helps. We sat in a circle and talked about our favourite food and how we would feel if we couldn't afford to buy it. We talked about how people may get into those circumstances and what we can do to help. Then, we said a thank you prayer to God for providing us with such lovely food. We made cards to thank God with some lovely drawings. Some of us preferred to create a food collage! Year 1 are so thoughtful and respectful which is so lovely to see. 



Year 2

Year 3

To celebrate Harvest Fast, Year 3 watched the CAFOD assembly which explained what Harvest Fast is, and why it is important.  

We learnt lots of interesting things about how Harvest Fast began! We our ideas, and how harvest is important to show mutual respect towards others.  

We celebrated in class by learning the song “Let’s Harvest” in Makaton.  

Then, we created a watercolour wash using autumnal colours. Once this had dried, we drew a picture of a leaf to represent autumn.  

To end our day, we said a class prayer for those in need. We thanked God for allowing us to help others.  


Roald Dahl Day - 11th September 2020

Roald Dahl Day News 

In preparation for Roald Dahl Day, each class was assigned one of Dahl’s brilliant texts to focus on for their first literacy unit. In addition to this, all classes worked to decorate their doors based around their class text. Miss Vickers made this an inter-class competition and Year 4 were the lucky winners!  

On the day itself, everyone made a brilliant effort to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character. Although we couldn’t hold our usual fancy dress parade, we still picked costume winners from each class. Miss Marsden also asked teachers to look out for a pupil in their class who had shown an excellent attitude towards learning, and she gave them a special prize! Here are our winners with their prizes. 

Alongside the fancy dress competition, each class had been challenged to draw a character from the book they were studying for their homework. Staff were blown away with all the effort that had been put in, and it made the task of choosing winners extremely difficult!  



In Reception the Roald Dahl book we looked at was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During the day we did lots of fun activities that linked to the story. All of the children created and designed a chocolate bar using a range of different materials. We also did some writing in chocolate which the children found very exciting. We mainly concentrated on writing our names and letters but some children challenged themselves to write some words. It was a very fun day!

Year 1

Wow! What fantastic costumes everyone wore to celebrate Roald Dahl day. We had lots of Mr Foxes, Matildas and Willy Wonkas! Our best dressed winner was 'James Trotter' and his giant peach! Can you tell which book we are from by looking at our photographs? In class we drew some pictures of Fantastic Mr Fox, as it is our current favourite book! 

Year 2

Year 3

To start our day, we did a little showcase of our costumes in class. What a wonderful effort! We created our own Mr Twit beards, using collage. We wrote some wonderful writing about the disgusting things you can find in Mr Twit's beard. To finish our day, we enjoyed taking more photos, reading The Twit's and eating Mrs' Twit's eyeballs (don't worry - they were jellies)!

Year 4

For Roald Dahl day, Year 5 were focusing on the story ‘Matilda’. The children were able to look at a range of characters from the book, choosing their own words to describe these and justifying why they thought this. The children all made a fantastic effort with their outfits, and we had fun in the morning guessing which characters everyone had come as…they had all done such a good job dressing up that it was quite easy to guess! We have also created a Matilda display on our door with the children decorating a Roald Dahl book for Matilda to sit on.

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6 had a brilliant day celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We spent time in the morning writing a paragraph all about Mr Willy Wonka. In the afternoon, we had fun watching the Puffin Live event, and we were busy creating collages for our class Roald Dahl door display.


School Year 2019 - 2020


RSE day was on 25th June 2020. It was a day for celebrating Relationships and Sex Education to promote the well being and safeguarding of children and young people. The theme for RSE day was ‘books I love about love’. Each bubble in school focused on a different book and completed a task around the messages of the book. The books we used in school were:


  • I Love you to the Moon and Back
  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • The Invisible String by Patrice Karst
  • Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers
  • Love Monster by Rachel Bright


The children and staff in school really enjoyed sharing these stories and completing the tasks.

 We also shared some suggested activities to be completed and shared at home on Class Dojo as part of home learning tasks.

 Here are some photos of the work our children did.

Save Our Sports Week

Here at St. Joseph’s we are planning on taking part in the, ‘Save our Sports week’ challenge, launched by Club Doncaster Foundation, which is running from Friday 19th June – Friday 26th June 2020.

The challenge is to see how far the children, parents and staff at our school can walk, run, cycle or scoot during Sports Week. The school which travels the furthest over the week will win an afternoon of activities delivered by Foundation sports coaches.

All you have to do is fill in the form below, explaining who has been participating and recording how far you have travelled, in miles, each day. At the end of the week bring in your form to school so we can add up the miles! Good luck, and on your marks, get set, go

Please click here to view the form


Here is a message from the staff at St Joseph's. 
Stay safe, take care


Government Guidance - Hygiene For Children

e-Bug resources are recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to teach pupils about hygiene.  Useful key sections are:

KS1: Horrid Hands and Super Sneezes
Horrid hands
Super sneezes

KS2: Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Hygiene
Hand hygiene
Respiratory hygiene

VE Day 75th Celebration - Friday 8th May

VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' - marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. On Friday 8th May 2020, Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe. Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, planned gatherings have had to be cancelled. However, at St Joseph’s, we would still love for you to celebrate VE Day in lockdown style. Below are some activities ideas and resource links you could use to prepare for VE Day.
We would love to see how you celebrate VE Day, so please send photos to your teachers of any activities you complete.

Activity Ideas

Prepare to decorate your home by designing your own VE Day bunting.
Please click here and here for separate resources for bunting templates.

Design your own VE Day medals. Think about the shape of the medal, the design you want to include on the medal and the ribbon colours.

Please click here for separate resources for more information about VE Day medals.

Create collage flags of Great Britain to stick around your home. Think about what materials you could use.

Please click here for separate resources for a flag template.

Design a VE Day poster of peace that you could stick in your house’s window.

Design and colour a peace dove. Think about what colours and patterns you would use to decorate it.

Please click here for the separate resource for a template.

Create VE Day biscuits and decorate them using icing and sweets.

Please click here for the link to a suggested recipe.

Create a showstopper Victoria Sandwich cake for a VE Day treat.

Please click here to see a suggested recipe link.

Research VE Day and create an information page all about how it was first celebrated in 1945. You could use PowerPoint, Microsoft Word or Pic Collage to present your information.
Make sure you use safe searches to find out your information!
Here click here for a suggested website.

Stay Safe Get Avtive

The STARS South Yorkshire term are launching a new #StaySafeGetActive competition in partnership with Great Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian, and current Sheffield City Region Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey, and Travel South Yorkshire’s Active Travel Team.
You can find out more about the competition and how to get involved by visiting
Please let us know if you enter.

Kixx Sessions on YouTube

After School Science Club For Years 1 & 2

The club aims to inspire pupils and engage them in all aspects of science. It will provide them
with the opportunity to take part in aspects of science that may not be possible to do during
normal lesson time. The club will be lots of fun and a great way to end the school day!

Sublime Science Workshops

A slimetastically awesome scientist brought an exciting blend of science education to our school on Friday 13th March. Each science workshop was action packed with incredible experiments including making sweets and slime. There were giant bubbles, flying smoke rings, fizzing potions as well as a whole array of exciting experiments. The children had a fantastic time.

Have a look at some of the class write ups below :-)


Nursery joined Reception for a fun morning with ‘Sublime Science’. The children saw how air moves objects around, how to make a rocket with fizzy water, and how to create large bubbles.


To end science week we took part in the Sublime Science workshop where we watched lots of different experiments take place. We had a great time!

Year 1

Year 4

The children in Year 4 absolutely loved their ‘Sublime Science’ workshop. They were amazed by all the different experiments that were shown to them, and they were able to apply some of their understanding on different states of matter and on sounds towards this. They were able to make their own slime while doing this, mixing this themselves. Finally, the children enjoyed a final show outside with a plastic bottle acting as a rocket and taking off into the air.

Year 5

Key Stage 2 Strings Performance 

On Tuesday 25th February, the Key Stage 2 children were treated to a performance from the Doncaster Music Service. They played a range of string instruments, introducing each of these to the children as well as demonstrating their distinctive sounds. The children were able to listen to a whole range of musical pieces, and they were able to guess at where they had heard some of these before. We even had time to request and listen to the theme tune to 'Star Wars', which added to a wonderful experience for the children.


Hand-washing Within School 

The following videos have been shown in classes today in regards to super star hand washing and the posters put up around school and hand washing points. One of the videos does mention the Rhino Virus but this could be any virus. This will help to encourage best practices when the children wash their hands at school and at home. It will be helpful to watch these with your children at home too. 

Thank you

World Book Day - 5th March 2020

How amazing did everyone look. It was tough to choose class winners!!

Well done St Joe's :-)

Even the teachers looked fantastic, with Mrs Bell winning best dressed.


Congratulations to our winners of the best dressed in each class. They all received a prize of their very own book!

We also shared a book with a mystery reader!

Each class had a different teacher to read them a story as a surprise.


Year 1

Mrs Falero was our mystery reader dressed up as a butterfly! We read the very hungry Caterpillar and made some caterpillars on a leaf! We also wrote our own story with Mrs Dodsworth and designed our book cover for our favourite story. 

Year 4

In Year 4, the children made a fantastic effort with all their outfits for ‘World Book Day’ meaning we had a very diverse range of characters in our class for the day. They took inspiration from their characters to write their own stories and create their own book covers for these. The children also brought in books from home to share with each other, explaining what these stories were about and reading these to their partners. They were then introduced to another range of books which they were able to begin to read in the library.

Mr Brown

This week we say goodbye to Mr Brown our school caretaker who is retiring after almost 22 years at St Joseph’s.
The school will not be the same without you! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to St Joseph’s.
We held an assembly especially for Mr Brown to say thank you for all that he has done over the years. Each class made him a card and there were also a few gifts too!!


Happy Retirement Mr Brown

Fairtrade Fortnight

From 24th February to 8th March it is Fairtrade Fortnight. Find out here what we are doing throughout school.


In Nursery we have been learning about ‘Pablo The Super Banana’. The children have learnt where in the world bananas are grown, and how they get to our shops. The children have also learnt about what Fair Trade means to the farmers growing the crops. We made banana bread with the Fair Trade bananas and tasted it afterwards, it was yummy.

Year 1

Year 4

In Year 4, for ‘Fairtrade Week’ the children considered the journey from a banana being grown to being sold in our supermarkets. We considered all the different people involved and the jobs they did to allow this to happen. We discussed the difficulties and costs of each of these jobs before considering how much each group were paid to do this. The children were outraged when they found out that only 6p from every £1 spent went to the poorer countries involved in this. The children then learned about the work of Fairtrade and how they try and make this fairer, as well as how they work to improve the rights and conditions that people doing this work have.

Year 5

Year 6 Fairtrade Fortnight – session 1

Year 6 are focusing on bananas as a Fairtrade food. They watched a video clip of how bananas are grown and exported from hot countries over to England to be sold in the supermarkets. They listened to the banana workers who have very little money to pay for their bills and children’s education, often sharing a house with other families. Without Fairtrade, these workers are paid unfairly and work in poor conditions. The children were then split into groups and each person within the group was given a role: plantation owners, shipper, supermarket worker, banana picker and importer. Each of the roles were then split into groups again so that they were with others who shared the same role. The group had 5 minutes to prepare a speech for the debate on how much of the 30p cost of each banana they deserve to have, giving clear reasons why. After sharing their ideas, the children then needed to negotiate and lower their original prices to decide collaboratively how it would be split. This activity made the children realise the process of Fairtrade.

Here are some photos from the debate:

Safer Internet Day - 11th February 2020



Smartie the Penguin

For internet safety day in reception we read the story Smartie the Penguin. In the story Smartie came across some problems whilst playing on his ipad and he needed some help. With the class we discussed what Smartie should do. Should he try and fix the problems himself or ask for help from his Mum and Dad? The children all said that Smartie needed to ask for help!

For our follow up activity the children coloured in a picture of Smartie and gave him some advice on how to be safe when using his ipad.

Year 1

Year one created some online safety posters after listening to Mrs Jump's assembly.

Year 3

Year 4

For ‘Safer Internet Day’ in Year 4, the children considered their online identities and the information they can reveal about themselves online. They considered how to do this safely as well as our SMART rules for remaining safe on the internet. The children then made their own poster showing the ways they could do this.

Year 5

Year 6

Safer Internet Day

Year 6 looked at the different apps and the age limits of these. They focused on the key terms zip it, block it, flag it. The children discussed the importance of sharing anything that concerns them online with somebody else rather than keeping it themselves. They shared their online experiences and created posters on their learning.

Below is some of the children’s work:

Children's Mental Health Week 2020

 ‘This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. In each class, the children have completed activities focusing on mental health and well being. Further details will be updated on the website about what each class has done. Please click the link to see a video about mental health by the Doncaster Young Advisors..’


Please click here to view our safe guarding and mental health page.


Find Your Brave

The children listened to the story of ‘The Selfish Crocodile’. The children said that the little mouse was brave to go into the mouth of the crocodile as well as the crocodile when he had his tooth pulled out.

The children gave examples of when they have been brave saying

“I am brave when climbing, I had to keep trying”

“I was brave when I had my injection”


Find your Brave

In Reception we read the story Jack and the Beanstalk as it is part of our topic this half term. We thought about how Jack was feeling when he had to climb up the beanstalk and the children identified that he was brave to do this. We then spoke about times when we had to be brave. The children did a fantastic job at sharing their own experiences of being brave. After circle time each child then acted out times when they were brave and they discussed how they felt during this. Well done Reception!

Year 1

Encouraged by Place 2 Be’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness week, year one have been sharing their thoughts on the matter.

We have been talking about what mental health is and what it means to us. We linked it to the British Value of individual liberty as we thought that being happy is part of expressing who you are, as a unique individual.

We started our week talking about being brave and how words of encouragement can help us to be brave when it is not that easy. We created a ‘jar of courage’ with little messages for us to pick out and inspire us during challenging times. We also created a brave book which is filled with pictures and sentences about times we were brave and are now proud of our self for.

Later on in the week we talked about all of the things that make us special such as the things we like, facts we know, the places we have been, the experiences we have gained, the clothes we wear and the languages that we speak.


Year One encourage you to talk to your child about their mental health and what makes them so special!

Year 2

PSHE- Children’s Mental Health Week.

British Values- Individual Liberty

In year 2, we discussed what being brave means. We then listened to the story ‘The Lion Inside’. It is a beautiful story about a lion and a mouse.


After reading the story, we discussed the characters of the mouse and the lion and how they were brave. We talked about how sometimes even though people are outspoken and confident they can sometimes feel scared and need to find a way to be brave. We thought about how we can be brave and how we have been brave. Some of us shared this with the class.

We also discussed about what to do if we were struggling to be brave and if we were feeling scared. We talked about the different people we could talk to who could help us and the different things those people could do to help us.

Year 3

PSHE - Children’s Mental Health

British Values – Individual Liberty & Mutual Respect

Tuesday 4th February 2020

WALT: understand what showing bravery means.


We firstly listened to the story ‘The Wolf’s Colourful Coat’.

We said that it is about being brave enough to do the right thing. This means that we always need to be kind to people, even if they are mean to us. We need to be brave enough to do the right thing and not let someone bully us into doing something we know is wrong.


We then listened to the song ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman.

We think the song is about…

  • Being brave to be me
  • Being proud to be myself
  • Knowing it is ok to have different likes, dislikes and beliefs
  • Not being afraid to be myself
  • Never giving up, even if we are scared
  • Having the confidence and bravery to stick at what we are doing even if it gets tough or difficult


We think that this fits in with the British Values ‘individual liberty’ and ‘mutual respect’.

  • Respecting our own beliefs, and the beliefs of others
  • Not copying anyone else – being a unique individual


After this, we said one thing we have done that was brave and something that we were proud of ourselves for.

Year 4

In Year 4, for our ‘Mental health awareness week’ session, we considered the differences between physical and mental health. The children thought about what each might look like before watching a couple of videos. They reflected on these before considering situations where they have needed to be brave. They discussed their thoughts and feelings about the times, in particular what their fears had been. Afterwards, they reflected on how they felt once they had done this and the people who had helped support them at the time.

Year 5

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, Year 5 started their session by recapping the British Values. Miss Vickers asked the class to explore how individual liberty and mutual respect could be linked. The class pointed out that we should respect other people’s choices, opinions and values because that is what makes them unique and special.
During this session, Year 5 developed their understanding of mental health. They learnt that mental health is all about how we think, feel and act. They considered that people might be feeling worried, afraid, stressed, sad or lonely, and therefore, they might find it difficult to think positively about themselves. We agreed that these feeling could stop a person achieving the things they want in life.
Once we had established an understanding of mental health, Year 5 explored the theme of bravery. They discussed things that could get in the way of them being brave, and they also explored how it feels when you do manage to succeed with something you were initially reluctant to do. Year 5 agreed that the people that could help them be brave were their family, teachers, inspiring role models, trusted adults and friends. We agreed that if we were feeling afraid or stressed about a situation, then it’s really important to be brave and talk to someone.
To finish their session, Year 5 designed a bravery superhero. They had to give it a motto, characteristics of bravery and superpowers (things that help it be brave).

Year 6

Mental Health Week – Find Your Brave

During the week, Year 6 watched a video clip on what your mental health is to recognise the importance of looking after yourself mentally as well as physically. The children reflected on their own mental health and thought about times when they felt ’not themselves.’ This was often when they felt tired, if they had a fall out with a friend or felt like they were having an ‘off day.’

The children then created posters to help raise awareness of mental health for others. On their posters they included advice which included the importance of talking to someone about your mental health and doing things which you enjoy.

Here is some of the children’s work:

What parents need to know about Supporting Children's Mental Health

Opening up about mental health with children isn’t always easy. Deciding where to start or how to approach the subject may not come naturally and avoidance may creep in which can potentially make a problem worse. That’s why, in support of Children’s Mental Health Week 2020, we’ve created this useful guide to help parents and carers feel more confident and more comfortable when talking about children’s mental health
This year's Children’s Mental Health Week is all about ‘finding your brave’, whether that be sharing worries, asking for help or just building confidence, self-esteem and looking after yourself. But talking about mental health doesn’t always come effortlessly and sometimes we need a helping hand.
Created by mental health and wellbeing expert, Anna Bateman, this guide aims to give parents a starting point to help encourage discussions around children’s mental health. Covering a range of points, the guide looks to give parents simple ways to help make children feel more comfortable in sharing their own worries and concerns and providing the support they may need.

Children In Need

A huge thank you for your support in helping us raise money for children in need. We held a non uniform day and a coloring competition to raise this fantastic amount.

New Library Rota For Spring Term 1 and 2

Cheer-leading & Gymnastics Club Performance - 11th December 2019

On Wednesday 11th December the cheer-leading and gymnastics clubs by Creative Dance put on a performance. The whole school and parents/carers were invited to see the children who attend the cheerleading and gymnastics clubs perform their routines. They all did really well and everyone enjoyed the performance.

St Joseph’s Readathon week

 Thank you to all of the parents, carers and children who came to our book sale after school. We hope you enjoy reading your new books this week!

House Team Meeting - 20th November

 This afternoon each of the house teams – St David’s, St Andrew’s, St George’s and St Patrick’s – gathered together to have a focus on reading as part of our whole school Readathon week. The older children shared books with the younger children to act as reading role models and everyone had a great time!

Here are the notes taken from the house team meeting.

Children In Need - Friday 15th November

To support ‘BBC Children in Need’ this year we ran a competition for key stage 1 and key stage 2. They each had a poster to complete. Below are the winning posters for each class and their prize. 

Thank you for your kind donations.

An overall winner was chosen from KS1 and KS2 too, below are the winning posters. They each received a Pudsey Teddy Bear and a bag of sweets. 

Pudsey Lunchtime Treats

Anti-bullying week


During Anti-Bullying week, Nursery listened to the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We learnt how others actions and words can be hurtful. We then made our own rainbow fish with a single shiny scale on the fish as in the book.


In Reception we discussed what bullying means. The children shared their ideas and we recorded these on the whiteboard. The children understand that we always have to make the right choices and be kind to everyone. With their talk partner the children thought of some class rules to stop bullying. 

Year 1

Year one read the book ‘Something else’ and talked about how they feel knowing that someone is being left out. They said that they felt sad, mad, upset, and angry that people were being mean to ‘something else’. When he got a friend, they felt happy for him. Year one said that they would always help someone who is sad and let them be their friend.

Year 2

We started off by watching the short Pixar film For the Birds. After watching the film, we discussed what happened in it. It was only after this discussion that we were told we were watching it as part of our anti bulling week work.

We talked about how the tall bird was feeling. Some of the feelings we came up with were:

  • Frustrated
  • Irritated
  • Upset
  • Left out

Some of us gave reasons for how the bird was made to feel.

“I think the bird felt devastated because the little birds are pecking the big bird’s feet.”

“I think the bird is frustrated because two of the birds are pecking his feet.”

“The bird is feeling emotional because the small birds are pecking the big bird’s feet.”

We then talked about what bullying is so we could develop our understanding of what it is. We said:

“Bullying is when you are constantly doing something every day and saying you can’t play with me in a mean way.”

“Bullying is something that is bad and that happens every day.”

“Bullying is if someone hurts another person and if they keep on hurting them every day. It can happen in shops, schools, and when playing with friends.”


We then talked about what we should do if we are being bullied and who we can speak to.


If you want to watch the video clip at home, please use the link.

Year 3

PSHE—Anti-bullying Week

Monday 18th November 2019

WALT: understand bullying and how to help someone who is being bullied.

During Anti-Bullying week, we spoke about what bullying was. We decided it was unkind actions that happened more than once. Bullying can be not very nice words to someone or hurting someone by kicking or punching them day after day after day.

We worked in tables to answer five different questions about bullying, what we can do to stop it happens, what we need to do if we (or someone else) is being bullied and how we can be kind to others.

We then presented these to our class mates.


Year 4

For Anti-bullying week, Year 4 watched the short video clip, ‘For the Birds’. We discussed this in detail afterwards considering the different forms of bullying that were evident in this video. This included: mimicking, talking behind people’s backs, calling names, deliberately leaving someone out, physically hurting, ‘egging on’, plotting and laughing at. We also discussed how bullying is when this is done repeatedly and deliberately to someone. The children considered how they would be left feeling in these situations and why this is wrong.

Year 5 – Anti-Bullying Week

For their work on Anti-Bullying Week, Year 5 started off by discussing their understanding of what bullying is and what it is not. As a class, we agreed that bullying is a repetitive and deliberate hurting of someone’s feelings. We discussed that bullying can be physical, emotional and psychological, and we said that it could be face-to-face or online (cyber-bullying). We discussed the long term impact that bullying could have on a victim’s life, and we said that it could lead to someone feeling incredibly unhappy about who they are. We watched a clip called ‘For the Birds’ and we identified behaviour that we would consider to be bullying. Miss Vickers challenged us to consider what we would do in that situation to change how the larger bird is feeling. Miss Vickers said that small acts of kindest can be one way of making a person feel happier about themselves, so year 5 set about designing positive messages to promote positive thoughts!

Year 6 Anti-Bullying

The children watched a clip called ‘Wing’, which focused on a human form with one wing being bullied by a group of crows. A girl, who also had one wing, stood up for the boy and they worked together to escape from the forest.

The children discussed the themes within the clip, created their own morals for the story and reflected on how they can support change in the future.

Remember #changestartswithus

Operation Christmas Child - 13th November 2019

Thank you for all your kind donations to support the ‘Operation Christmas Child’ collection this year.

St Joseph's Remembers

Remembrance Assembly Monday 11th November

Today after this weeks Gospel message we reflected on Remembrance Sunday. Thank you to all children who brought in their poppy artwork which they completed over the weekend. Also thank you to Year 6 for their lovely readings.

Remembrance Day 2019


During Remembrance day we made poppies out of paper plates painting them and cutting out circles. We looked at a video from Cbeebies telling the animated story of why we remember this important day.


Year 1

Remembrance Day 2019

Year one looked at the importance of remembrance day and learnt about why we wear a poppy. We reflected and gave thanks to all the soldiers who lost their lives by creating a finger print poppy field. We painted it on clear laminate so that it can also be a beautiful sun catcher in our classroom and continue to remind us to give thanks. Not only did we practice our 2 minutes’ silence to remember those who lost their lives but we also looked at what surviving military men and women do during this time, such as marching to the cenotaph.   

Here is our poppy field painting and some fantastic work that our year one made at home!

Year 2

For Remembrance Day, lots of us complete the topic homework task of creating our own poppy. They all looked amazing and had lots of thought and effort put into creating them.

In class we spent some time discussing why we have Remembrance Day and the importance of it. We listened to the poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’ We worked in groups to write a poem for a given image. We were given words to use in the poem. We created incredibly thoughtful poems for Remembrance.

For Remembrance Day in Year 3, we spoke about the importance and the significance of the poppy and Remembrance Day.

To show our understanding, we made acrostic poems using the word ‘remember’.

We created a class poppy to show us all coming together in our thoughts.

We sketched poppy fields after listening to ‘In Flanders Fields’.


Year 4 – Remembrance Day

For ‘Remembrance day’ the children in Year 4, the children were able to listen to the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae. They reflected on the words of this and were reminded of the sacrifice made by millions. They were able to decorate the poem with artwork of their choice, focusing on drawing/creating poppies and considering the words included in the poem.


Year 5 – Remembrance Day

Year 5 started their work on Remembrance Day by discussing what is it and why it is important.

We said that Remembrance Day is held on the 11th November. (The 11th month of the 11th day at the 11th hour.) We said that we have a 2 minute silence at 11am to remember the millions of soldiers who have died in war and conflict. Miss Vickers told us that Remembrance Day was first held in 1919 (one year after WWI ended).

As a class, we agreed that Remembrance Day is about respecting and thanking all those men and women who have died in conflict in the service of our country. We discussed that we wear a poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

After that, we created a piece of art work (using a variety of shading techniques) to commemorate all those who have died in war.

Year 6 Remembrance Day

Year 6 read and unpicked research with a focus on ‘D-day.’ They then created their own posters with key messages and quotes.

Year 6 also attended St Michael’s Remembrance Service. Some children in class read out loud their own bidding prayers and poems. The children held a 2 minute silence and showed their respect by saying a prayer at the memorial afterwards.

Design a Bonfire and Firework Safety Poster


Year 1

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 5 and 6 Drugs Talk

Today a police officer from South Yorkshire Police came to speak to the children about what drugs are, what they do to your body and life and the consequences of taking them on yourself or others. The children discussed their thoughts and feelings and were encouraged to reflect on their choices.

World Kids Colouring Day 2019 KS1 Competition


Well done to one of our Key Stage One pupils, Lexi, who has been identified as a runner up in a national competition ran by Staedtler. Lexi has won:

  • £250 worth of stationery for the school
  • A STAEDTLER goody bag and certificate
  • A goodie bag from school to say well done and thank you!

Well done Lexi, we are really proud of you!

Children's Mental Health

Yesterday was ‘mental health awareness day.’ The poster shows ways we can support children with their mental health.

Roald Dahl day 2019

On Thursday 12th September, St Joseph’s celebrated Roald Dahl day. Everyone was invited to dress up as a Roald Dahl book character. Each class focused on a different book and completed activities, such as a book review and creative pieces of writing

We also held a whole school parade and gave prizes to the best dressed from each class. Here are our winners below:

Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time and effort with your costumes, you all looked absolutely fantastic! We cannot wait to see all of your homework entries for a chance for one person from each class to win their very own book – get designing your front covers!

Year 1

Roald Dahl day in year one!

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, year one read Fantastic Mr Fox. We talked about the characters such as the grumpy farmers and how they didn’t like Mr Fox stealing their animals! We dressed up as different Roald Dahl book characters and re-designed our own book cover for Fantastic Mr Fox! A great day had by all.

Year 2

Roald Dahl Day - 12th September

We had a fantastic time in Year 2 for Roald Dahl day.

To start with, we all stood up and shared which Roald Dahl character we came as. We all looked amazing in our costumes.

We listened to the story ‘The Magic Finger’ throughout the day and our work was linked to it. We imagined what we would change if we had a magic finger! What would you change? We listened to part of the story and then drew what we thought would happen next.

Year 3

During Roald Dahl day, Year 3 focused on the book “The Twits”.

We laughed lots learning about the terrible tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit play on each other. We also found it really funny when the Roly Poly bird glued the house upside down and they were stuck on their heads!

After reading the book, we created our own book reviews to tell other people what the book was about, if we enjoyed it and if we would recommend reading it.

When we had finished, we ‘hot seated’ the characters. This meant that in groups we had to pretend to be Mr or Mrs Twit while our class friends asked us questions. We had to put on funny voices and take on the role of Mr or Mrs Twit! This was lots of fun!


Year 4

In Year 4, for ‘Roald Dahl Day’, the children focused on the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children have enjoyed reading this story in class, and finding out about George’s exploits in creating a medicine for his cruel Grandma. They wrote their own book reviews of this and were very positive about the story they had read. They had also been very creative in making their own version of the book cover for their homework.

Year 5 – Roald Dahl Day

For Roald Dahl day, Year 5 focused on the book Matilda. As we were already doing a character description in our English, Miss Vickers had us read Roald Dahl’s description of the Trunchball. We listened to the description, and then we identified expanded noun phrases and exciting vocabulary that Roald Dahl used to create his famously awful character. Miss Vickers explained that illustrators like Quentin Blake used the writer’s description to draw the character, so she asked us to draw what we thought the Trunchball looked like based on what we had read.

Year 5 also celebrated Roald Dahl day by dressing up as characters from his books and by completing the design a book cover homework.

Year 6 Roald Dahl

On Roald Dahl day, year 6 focused on the book of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

They watched the video clip of the selected winners entering the chocolate room with Willy Wonka and compared this to the book version. The children then created a piece of writing linked to this experience as if they were there.

Here is our class display below:

Our Roald Dahl Class Displays

Year One Library Morning

It was fantastic to see so many Year 1 children with their parents and carers this week for their library slot. All of you have received a raffle ticket and you are entered into our drawer to win your very own exciting books. We hope to see you again at your next slot!

With Aldi's Kit for Schools, when a member of our school community spends £30 in any Aldi store, they'll receive a special Team GB athlete sticker.

Library Rota for Autumn Term 2019

Please see the rota for Autumn term with the dates for your class to have their morning reading slot at 8.30am to 8.45am in the library each fortnight. 

Year 6 Leavers Present 2019

Thank you very much to our wonderful Year 6 children and parents for their amazing gift to celebrate the children moving on to their secondary schools. The sign for the front of the school is a lovely way to welcome people to the school and a great way to remind us of you all everyday as we come in. 

Dance and Gymnastics Performance 17th July 

Giraffe Caf - Monday 8th July

Thank you to everyone who attended Year 1 Giraffe Caf.

You helped raise £30.63 and Ellish is ours for the year!

Thank you so much for your support.

The Extreme Reading Challenge - Summer 2019

The challenge has been set. Are you an extreme reader?

Books don't need electricity!

We can read them anywhere and everywhere!

We are inviting you ALL (including parents) to take the St Joseph's Extreme Reading Challenge.

Think about different, exciting, fun and SAFE places you can enjoy a book.

Children - tell your parent/carer your idea and ask them if they could take a photograph of you reading your book in your 'EXTREME' place and send this in to us via class dojo

Have Fun Extreme Reading!!


Challenge Accepted!

Sponsored Walk - Friday 28th June

We all had a fabulous afternoon out in the sunshine, walking and running together as a school for our sponsored walk. It was so lovely to see the older children looking after and encouraging the younger ones. Water bottles, sun hats and cooler tree shaded areas to rest and a drink station for those without water bottles, kept us safe in the sun. 

Well done everyone for a wonderful event! 

Please can all sponsor money be handed back to school within the week.

Thank you :-)

What's Under Your Feet?

What’s Under Your Feet has been our third campaign this year the school have participated in for Eco-Schools. During this campaign the pupils have had the chance to be citizen scientists and carry out some important fieldwork for the British Trust for Ornithology. Each class took part in a class dig to collect soil samples and find soil invertebrates. We then recorded our findings and have uploaded the data from our experiments.



Year 2

Year 5 – What’s Under Your Feet Campaign (WUYFC) 06/06/2019

As part of the WUYFC, Year 5 undertook a geography field study. They started the process by exploring their understanding of field work, and they worked in groups to write questions that they wanted to find out before they went out to collect data. Their field work was based on exploring what types of invertebrates inhabit their local environment (the school field). Year 5 were very interested in finding out the amount of species on our school field, the variety of species we have and which parts of the field mini beasts like the best. Once they had completed their questions, they began to collect field data by practicing their mapping skills and creating tally charts. While they worked in groups, Miss Vickers allowed small groups to sift through a soil sample in search of worms. Unfortunately, Year 5 only found 4 worms, but they did find a rather large quantity of red ants. After they finished their field work, Year 5 created a bar graph to display their findings, and they also wrote up what they found out from their field research. The whole class agreed that it is really important to be aware of which mini beasts are living in our local environment in order that we can work to protect them and look into ways to encourage even more to choose it as a habitat.


St Joseph’s were treated to a performance from NED who came to teach the children about his mindset mission. Throughout the performance, the children discovered how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.

NED’s mission was simple.

Through the use of puppets, acting, humor and yo-yos, St Joseph’s were entertained and inspired to not let anything stand in the way of their dreams.

St Joe’s Design a Bridge Competition 21/06/2019

The whole school was set a simple bridge building challenge, which would promote the learning of different styles of bridges and focus on famous civil engineers. Every class teacher selected a civil engineer to research and draw inspiration from for their bridge design. The chosen civil engineers were:

Reception – Sarah Guppy

Year 1 - Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Year 2 - William Christopher Brown

Year 3 - Gustave Eiffel

Year 4 - Joseph Strauss

Year 5 - Thomas Telford

Year 6 - Santiago Calatrava

In addition to selecting a civil engineer to research, every class had a design brief to follow. The design brief for the whole school was:

  • The bridge must be free standing
  • Use only recyclable materials
  • Carry weight (a thesaurus)
  • Draw inspiration from a famous bridge design
  • Allow a small toy car to travel across it.
  • Be aesthetically pleasing.

Through the course of the day, each class had to design, create, test and evaluate their bridges. At the end of the day, each class brought their design to a special assembly where their bridges were tested by the chief engineers (Miss Vickers and Mrs Kelly!) We were absolutely delighted to discover that every class was able to produce a bridge, which met the design brief.



Summer Raffles 2019 - Winners

A message from Richard Lewis our Stronger Communities Officer (Rossington)

Many thanks for letting the Children get involved with the Operation Duxford DSD session we did outside St Josephs last Thursday.

Of the 82 vehicles that passed us during the hour we were there only 2 were travelling over the speed limit.

The DSD has a proven effect on the speed vehicles are travelling, particularly when children are assisting with the operation.

On behalf of the South area team and South Yorkshire police please pass on my thanks to all those involved. As always the behaviour of the children from St Josephs was exceptional and they are a credit to school and themselves.


First Holy Communion 16th June 2019

Congratulations to the 10 children who celebrated their first holy communion on Sunday.

They all looked so smart and beautiful. Thank you to everyone who helped to arrange the mass.

Lunchtime Librarians

The children are really enjoying using the library during their lunchtimes to share books and their love of reading!

Key Stage 2 After School Reading Club


The children are now in their second week of the reading club and they are thoroughly enjoying it so far. All of the children are extremely enthusiastic about reading and supportive towards each other.


This week they used dictionaries and different reading strategies to learn unfamiliar vocabulary they came across in their reading books. They could not wait to take their words and sentences home to test their family members!

Road Safety

On Thursday 13th June, we were invited to join Richard from the Stronger Families team, to take part in a road safety exercise. We tracked the speed and type of vehicles that passed the school. If the driver was travelling within the speed limit, a smiley face was shown. If not, a sad face.


Richard was very impressed with the group of children who took part and said they did an amazing job!


Sunday 9th June - Doncaster Half Marathon

Sheffield Hallam University Book Club Trip

On Tuesday 4th June the Year 5 children who took part in an exciting club for 6 weeks ran by Sheffield Hallam University went there for a visit. On the trip they watched a Quasimodo performance, received another free book, had a university campus tour and received a certificate. They even tested out the microphones in the lecture theatre! The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and they continue to love reading which we believe is absolutely vital. Thank you SHU for all of your support and resources.

Library Rota for Summer Term 2

The days have stayed the same as summer 1 term 

Year 6 Modelling and Relaxing 

Year 6 Baking Activity

Last week some of the year 6 pupils enjoyed baking chocolate muffins and scones :-)

Year 6 Gardening Activity

The Year 6 children in school today have been busy gardening in the school quad area.

Year 6 Kingswood Residential

Year 6 are having a fabulous time so far and had a settled night.

This evening, they have had a lovely meal and then spent time together with a camp fire and hot chocolate. Miss Marsden said they are very tired after an exciting and busy day! :-)

Design a Badge Competition 

3 new librarians were chosen from each house team during the last house team meeting. We have decided to have badges made for these children and asked the children to create a design for them. The best design from each year group won a prize and the overall winner was chosen from these entries. Their design will be made into a badge that the librarians will wear. 


Here are the winning designs from each class!

The winning design which will be made into a badge for the librarians to wear!

Children's University

St Joseph's is looking for four parents to become ambassadors for the Children's University project. This is a National project aimed at supporting children to develop different and new skills as they move through Primary and into Secondary school. Information posters will be around school if you would like further information on what this entails, or please speak with your class parent ambassadors. Mrs Kelly, Mrs Robinson and Miss Rodgers will also be available should you wish to discuss this any further. This is a great opportunity to help support and develop the children at St Joseph's as they move through their school career. 


If you are interested in becoming a Children's University ambassador then please let the staff in the office know by Wednesday 22nd May. Interested parents will be invited to a coffee morning with the lead from the Children's University to discuss the project and ways forward on Friday 7th June at 9am. 


We thank you for your continued support and hope that you will relish the opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting project at St Joseph's. 

St Joseph’s librarians

We now have new librarians which were recruited in the latest house team meeting, so that there are representatives from each team (St George’s, St Andrews, St David’s and St Patrick’s). They are now in a special role on a rota to be a librarian twice a week – once in the indoor library and once in the outdoor reading area. The librairans are responsible for:

  • Reading stories and recomending books
  • Helping children find books of their interest
  • Setting up and tidying up both reading spaces
  • Logging out which books children wish to take home to read
  • Promoting a love of reading themselves



A group of volunteers in Rossington did a litter pick on Sunday!

7 volunteers, including some members of the St Joseph’s School Community, spent 2 and a half hours collecting litter from Gattison Lane and also the 'no man's land' in front of school, 9 bags of rubbish were collected in total!

PLEASE help us to keep our community tidy by disposing of rubbish in a responsible way.

Thank you so much to the volunteers for helping to keep our community clean!

Natalie Kelly




In year 3, we have been invited to join a nationwide project which is introducing debating to school children centred on a variety of different topics. . The children learn about these topics, this week the question was, ' Should we have a 3 day weekend?' Year 3 were largely in favour of a 3 day weekend primarily because they would get to spend more time with their families.

Doncaster Marathon Assembly - Wednesday 1st May 2019

On Wednesday, we were visited by the ‘Curly’s Athletes’ Team who told us all about the Doncaster half marathon which is taking place on Sunday the 9th of June. The marathon will be coming past St Joseph’s School! The children met Donny Dog and Parky the Lion who helped us all get motivated by sharing some activities to get warmed up. Over the next few weeks, we will be planning activities to celebrate the marathon. More information will be sent via the app.





Today, a group of KS2 volunteers,  including our Eco-Warriors, met with Richard from the Stronger Families team. The aim of the session was to learn more about our environment and how we can look after it. After speaking to the children about recycling, the team went out to pick as much littler as possible from the area around the grounds. They then looked at how much of what they had collected could be recycled! Well done!


Doncaster Family of Catholic Schools

In December 2018, the children at St Joseph’s were asked to design a new logo for the Doncaster Family of Catholic Schools.

During the spring term, the Headteachers from the family of schools met, and picked their favourite entries. These will be passed to sixth form students at McAuley to contribute to the design of a new logo.

The Headteachers noticed the motto added to one of the logos; they felt it represented the work of the family perfectly, and have chosen ‘Learn, Live and Shine in the Spirit of Christ’ as the Family of Schools Motto!

Well done and thank you to all the children who took part.


Go Orange For Olly Muscle Dystrophy

Thank you for all your kind donations.

Move More Challenge 8th March 2019

World Book Day 7th March 2019


Congratulations to our winners of the best dresed in each class. They all received a prize of their very own book!

We all loved showing our costumes to each other in the whole school parade.

Here are all of the classes:

We loved our class swap where children read a book to each other. Most children voted that they would like to do this more often, and this was their favourite part of the day, so this is something we will build in more regularly.

We also shared a book with a mystery reader. Each class had a different teacher to read them a story as a surprise.

Wild Science February 2019

In the head up to science week, we had a visit from Wild Science who brought in a range of creatures from reptiles to amphibians and invertebrates. The children in years nursery to year 4 had the opportunity to hold these creatures and find out everything they wanted to know about them.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Christmas Jumper Donations - Thank you

Jeff Rich - Drum Master Class Thursday 28th February 2019

On Thursday 28th February St Joseph's held a drum masterclass with Jeff Rich, the drummer from Status Quo. It was a very unique experience and was enjoyed by all who attended. The workshop was split into two sections, Key stage 1 and key stage 2. Section 1 (KS 2) were told about the history of the drum, how it developed from Africa right through to the modern snare drum. Children were invited up to play different drums. This happened throughout the session and the whole workshop was hands-on. Section 2 (KS 1 & 2) deals with the drum kit, how it functions etc. Again children were invited up to play parts of the kit. Jeff then played a solo to show how versatile the kit can be. After the solo, children were invited up to play percussion with Jeff. There were 200 pieces of percussion available to play with in the workshop. As you can see from the pictures that it was enjoyed by all.


Here is what the children did in school for E-safety 


Year 1

Year 1 focused on what to do if something pops up while you are playing a game. They learned with the help of a singing dog called Buddy to tell a grown up if they are unsure what to do.  They learned about the dangers of sharing personal information on line and how people are not always who they say they are.

Year 2

Year 2 talked about the internet. The children were very interested to learn that the internet connects us to others all around the world by linking computers, phones and games consoles.

This led to an important discussion about what we can share and what we should keep private.

We played a game called Share it/ Keep it in which the children had to think carefully about information that is either safe or unsafe to share online. 

After this, each child cut out a red and green hand. On the green hand, they wrote a list of things they can share online and on the red hand they wrote a list of things they are not supposed to share.

Year 3

In year 3 we discussed what the internet means to us. We talked about what it actually is and how it works. We discussed the different things it can be used for. We had an in depth discussion about the risks that can be faced when playing games such as Fortnite online. We watched a video, which helped to show how easy it could be to share information with someone we don’t know online. The children came up with ways to stay safe online, such as only speaking to friends they know in real life and if in doubt speak to an adult at home.

Year 4

In Year 4, we discussed the different ways that we use the internet, and the different things that we need to give consent for. We discussed the different occasions this is okay, the occasions where this would need consent from an adult and also when giving consent can compromise safety on the internet. We then reminded ourselves about our SMART internet safety rules, and created a poster based on what had been discussed.

Year 5

Year 5 started their E-Safety work by discussing the many benefits to the internet. We all agreed that the internet allowed us to look up information, play games, communicate, enjoy music and save time.

We then went on to explore our understanding of what E-Safety and consent meant. The class discussed what it meant to be a good sharer, but they also discussed what information they would not share online. Year 5 watched a video developed by CEOP, which showed them the potential dangers of sharing too much information online. The class then worked in pairs to identify all the ways ‘Becky’ had failed to protect her identity and the consequences of these actions. Year 5 took the time to share their responses with each other.

In the second session, we discussed ways to stay safe online, and what to do if we felt our safety was compromised. The class designed a poster in the shape of an IPad explaining how to stay safe when using technology.

Year 6

Year 6 dedicated an afternoon to online safety where they explored the different apps, such as twitter, snapchat and Instagram.

The children were honest and reflected on their experiences of using the apps or what they have heard about other people using them. The children showed a good level of awareness on the possible dangers of online apps, such as the security of information, age restrictions, fraud and whether you are talking to unknown online gamers or known friends.

The children created information booklets to warn others on the possible dangers and offer advice on how to stay safe on the internet. They explored what a digital footprint was and understood the importance of thinking before posting as it might be deleted but it can always be found or saved and affect you in the future.

The class looked at the smart rules and designed their own acrostic messages.

They watched a video link, which showed what a kind and unkind friend might do online, such as post a picture without consent, using offensive language or sending offensive pictures, making threats or doing things in secrecy.

The children used #up2us to make a promise of how they will be kind and make the internet a safer, happier place.

The children took a quiz with different scenarios linked to the above video clip, where they had to respond with the following options:

This supported a great debate on different viewpoints and when something could be ok, but might also pose a risk such as not reading the terms and conditions but clicking ok or screenshotting a conversation and sending it to others.

Finally, Year 6 looked at online gaming and how this can lead to upset and inappropriate language or messages. The children designed top tips, such as acting like a coach and encouraging team players rather than criticizing, taking a screen break and switching your comms off.

Waste Week 4th March 2019

Waste week starts on Monday 4th March and our focus is a plastic free week.

Did you know 95% of plastic packaging is wasted after a single use? 

Next week we are going to be taking part in a plastic-free week during our Waste Week campaign.

We need everyone's support in helping our school avoid single use plastics for a whole week. You can help by using reusable bottles and plastic containers for food and drink and by avoiding those single use plastics. Together let's make a difference.

Thank you.

Sheffield Hallam University book club which ran in Autumn 2 term for 6 weeks with a number of Year 5 pupils

Holocaust Memorial Day - 25th January 2019

 On Friday 25th January Pastor Eric Simpson took 6 children from St Joseph’s to join him and other school children at the memorial event at Doncaster Museum. They had chance to see and hear from survivors and relatives of the Holocaust. 

We are absolutely delighted that they have been recognised for their significant contribution to the Holocaust memorial event and that they have had the opportunity to learn about and preserve the memory and testimony of the Holocaust.  

Thank you to our school nurse Mike Bell and our Education Welfare Officer (EWO) Julie Vaughn for joining us for the spring parents evening. During parents evening, Julie and Mike shared information to support our families and gave away resources. 
If you would like any further information or support from the nursing service or regarding attendance, please refer to the school website or contact the school office. 

Here is our choir practicing their beautiful singing with Mr Storey ready for the Christingle Service on Tuesday 18th at 6pm.


Miss Marsden has entered our school into a competition for the fantastic opportunity to have a child's book published by a graphic designer at Sheffield Hallam University.  All entries from our children must be handed into school by Monday 17th December 2018.  Good luck!

Christmas Fayre 2018

The Doncaster Family of Catholic Schools - A Celebration of Catholic Education led by The McAULEY Catholic High School and Sixth Form 

Eucharist November 2018 i18 Special Edition

St Josephs Remembers 


Reception have been learning about how poppies help us to remember. We have all created poppies in different ways. 


Year 2

We have learnt about why poppies are worn to remember our fallen soldiers as well as what each part of the poppy symbolises. We then marked our respect by painting fields of poppies whilst listening to WW1 music.

Year 3

In year 3 we discussed remembrance and why the poppy is its symbol. We then used chalk pastels to create a field of poppies. 

Year 5

In class, Year 5 had a discussion about the importance of Remembrance Day. We discussed the importance of the date, the symbol of the poppy and we looked at the poem 'In Flanders Fields.' Year 5 agreed that it is important to remember the sacrifice of the soldiers who have fought for our country. To commemorate Remembrance Day, year 5 created a piece of poppy art work using pastels. 

Year 6

Anti-Bullying Week 12th November 2018

Operation Christmas Child 8th November 2018

Parishioners from the Rossington Community Baptist Church visited school yesterday in aid of Operation Christmas Child.

The children were able to buy something for £1 to be added to a box to be sent to a child who is less fortunate, they had lots of fun choosing their items. Thank you for your kind donations.

Father McNamee

It is with great sadness that we inform you that on Friday 26th October, Father McNamee, passed away. Father McNamee was a massive part of the St Joseph’s School community and Christ the King Parish. He was part of this community for such a long time and his dedication and service was phenomenal and inspiring.

On Monday 12th November, all children in school will take part in a special Liturgy to celebrate the life of Father McNamee and to remember all he did for the school and community. Parents are welcome to attend the Liturgy which will begin at 2.30pm.  

We will also be producing a book of remembrance within school and the children will be remembering Father McNamee in their classes.

The arrangements for his funeral services are: On Sunday 11th November, at 7pm, a Holy Mass led by Bishop Ralph will take place followed by the Rosary for those who wish to stay. On Monday 12th November, at 12pm, Requiem Mass led by Bishop Ralph.

May Father McNamee rest in peace.

House Afternoon - Autumn (1) 2018

Mighty Zulu Nation Visit - 28th September 2018

 'Today we were visited by The Zulu Nation to launch Black History Month within school. As a whole school, we got to watch an incredible performance filled with traditional dances and songs from South Africa. After play, we got to learn some of the Zulu language, and we greatly enjoyed watching the teachers participate in the dancing. After that, Year 5 and 6 got to do an additional workshop where they learned a dance and learned some traditional chants. Everyone in school agreed it was a really enjoyable experience.'

 Written by Year 6 pupils


Rossington Parade Art Workshop - 27th September 2018

Today we were visited by an artist who had come to help us decorate a butterfly sculpture for the Rossington Parade. We worked in small groups to transform the outline of a butterfly into a bright and colourful piece of art. We had lots of paper tissue material, and we had to decorate the wings of the butterfly. We also created our own butterflies, which we will be able to wave, if we attend the parade. We really enjoyed using the different materials to create the butterfly collage.

Written by Year 6 pupils


Doncaster Foodbank Harvest Appeal 2018

This year St Joseph's School would like to support the Doncaster Foodbank Appeal - please see a shopping list of wanted items below. 

We will be collecting donations in school from Monday 1st October 2018.  A representative from Doncaster Foodbank will join us in our Harvest Mass in school Friday 5th October 2018 9.00am to receive our donations.   Thank you for your support.

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