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Friends of St Joseph's 


We are the fundraising team. Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent or friend of a child at St Joseph's you too are a Friend of St Joseph's. Together we can make a difference by raising money for those extras that the school budget may struggle to pay for.

Keep an eye on this page as it will always be up to date on what we are doing, what we have done and how much we have raised after each event.


If you can help out at any event or have any fundraising ideas please contact the school office at any time!

Thank you


Our fundraising total for the year 2020/21 was:


Thank you so much!


We have been raising money to create a wonderful all-year-round reading area in front of the school hall. The artificial grass has now been laid and the colourful recycled, weatherproof seating has been ordered and is on its way!  


Event results this year

July 2021 Lottery                 105.60

Aug 2021 Lottery                  118.40

Sept 2021 Lottery                  86.00

Autumn (1) Tuck Shop          36.59

Autumn (2) Tuck Shop        274.77

October Lottery                   92.80

November Lottery               118.00

December Lottery                95.20

Christmas Raffle                 288.40

January Lottery                   120.80

February Lottery                 104.00

Spring (1) Tuck Shop           206.66

March Lottery                         91.60

Easter Raffle                         275.49

Spring (2) Tuck Shop           140.45

April Lottery                           92.40

Year 6 Cake Sale                   192.80

Jubilee Day                           976.36

Summer (1) Tuck Shop           73.47

May Lottery                           124.80

June Lottery                          104.80

Sports Day/Summer Fayre  400.70

Summer (2) Tuck Shop          162.37



Total raised this school year 2021/22 is ...

£4302.46 !!


Forthcoming Events (Autumn 2022)


Daily KS2 Tuck Shop (Monday-Thursday breaktimes)

Weekly Pocket Money Stall (Friday breaktime/after school)

School Lottery ( )



What we have paid for in 2021/2022

Christmas Panto

Playground play equipment

Bouncy Castle for Queen's Jubilee celebration

Bouncy Castle for Year 6 post SATs celebration day and Sports Day

Contribution to Year 3 water sports day

Outdoor reading area


Have you any suggestions? What would you like us to spend the Friends' money on? We'd love to hear from you!!

A NOTE FROM US........

Your generosity and support is second to none...thank you!

The school budget is getting tighter so our help is needed more than ever to ensure that resources and equipment are kept up to date to aid the education of our children. If you can help at any event, we would really appreciate it!!

Thank you once again