St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Class 2 2020/2021

Class Teacher: Mrs Robinson                    Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bell

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Class Newsletter - Summer Term 2021

Topic Homework - Summer Term 2021

What we have been up to so far this term.....

Sports Day

A great way to start our sports day fun.
Jasdeep yoga got us all ready and raring to go...

We completed 4 activities during the day which were Wimbledon, Olympics, Rugby and Football.

We had so much fun on our sports day and really enjoyed each challenge.
Well done to everybody, and especially the girls who won our class prizes.

Stem Engineering Project

We have had a brilliant morning this morning completing our engineering project.
It was not easy and there were some tricky, intricate parts but everyone of us gave it our all and had lots of fun testing out our engineering skills.

We also liked learning about the STEM work and finding out how important it is to our everyday lives... see if the children can remember what STEM stands for at home.

I definitely see some future STEM careers in this class...

Here are our final PowerPoint presentations about The Queen.

We have worked hard using different ICT skills to copy, paste and resize images, to use the keypad to move and manoeuvre images and text and to use the keyboard to type. As well as using the internet for our research.

Great work everyone.

Shabbat Shalom - 25th June 2021

Year 2 had a fantastic assembly with Rabbi Zvi this afternoon who has taught us all about the importance of Shabbat in the Jewish faith. We have learned some really interesting facts; ask at home what we’ve found out this afternoon.

Refugee Week and RHSE Day - 23rd June 2021

This afternoon, Year 2 have been celebrating our differences and our uniqueness. We created some self-portraits to show the diversity of our class.

We also read ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckman as this week is also Refugee focus week. We found out what a refugee is, and used the story of Leaf to think about how refugees might feel and how to show care and respect to others as God teaches us.

Some amazing artwork and thoughtfulness from our class this afternoon. Great job guys!

Gymnastics Performance

The children have been working really hard on their gymnastics routine.
Yesterday was the final session with our gymnastics coach! 
What a great performance from all the class; great job guys

Gymnastic Sessions

KIXX Sessions

French Day - Thursday 17th June 2021

A great start to our French day... pain au chocolat for breakfast

Yesterday we tried lots of different French foods to begin our French day activities... we had brie, camembert, baguette, croissant and chocolate crepes... ask your children which one they enjoyed the most.

We also learnt about other traditional French foods including escargot and cuisses de grenouilles.

This morning we have been writing about the different facts we have learnt about French culture, traditions, food and geography.

Did you know that French people eat frogs legs?

Did you know that French people greet eat other with a kiss on each cheek?

Did you know that France is in Europe?

Ask at home what other facts we have learnt so far...

We have also been collaging some French flags

Eyes of the World Campaign

The eyes of the world are watching and so are Year 2 

This afternoon Year 2 have been learning about the eyes of the world campaign. This is a global campaign for the COP26 meeting of world leaders to discuss climate change.

The eyes of the world campaign lets world leaders know that they are being watched and they need to make sure the decisions they make will have a positive impact on our planet. 

World Oceans Day - 8th June 2021

Year 2 have been working hard this afternoon to create some artwork showing the impact humans have had on our world oceans. We have been shocked to learn some facts about ocean pollution and looked at some pictures of how our oceans have been damaged by plastic from humans.

Ask at home to find out some of the facts we have learnt.

Queen Elizabeth II

We have enjoyed learning more about Queen Elizabeth II this afternoon and finding out about some of the important events that have happened in her lifetime.
We also learnt the National Anthem this afternoon as well.

We have been having lots of fun in class with our ICT project of creating a PowerPoint presentation about the Queen. Last week we learnt how to copy and resize images from google, and this week we have been learning how to add text and use the space bar.
We have also been practising the skill of saving and opening documents.

The children have loved this and have worked really hard so far... hopefully we will be able to share some of their final slide shows with you

Mental Health Awareness Week - 10th to 16th May 2021

The children have been exploring nature that is all around us. We went outside to do a nature hunt to see what we could find.

Virtual Mass at St. Marie’s Cathedral- 13th May

Year 2 enjoyed our first Mass in over a year today. We joined in with the Virtual Mass from St Marie’s in Sheffield.
It was great to see the children remembering so many of the rites and responses from Mass. Great job Year 2

Earth Day - 22nd April 2021

Today, Year 2 have been learning about Earth Day. We have looked at how our Earth has changed over the last 200 years and the effect of Greenhouse gases on our planet. We have also looked at how we, as humans, are affecting our World.

We went litter picking around the school fence on the field and collected 3 bin bags full of rubbish... we were shocked at what we found!!

Class Newsletter - Spring Term 2021

Topic Homework - Spring Term 2021

Class Newsletter - Autumn Term (2) 2020

Topic Homework - Autumn Term (2) 2020

What we have been up to so far......

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D&T - 17th December 2020

Year 2 have had a very messy, crafty morning.

Baking - 11th December 2020

We have had so much fun making polar bear mint cremes today. The children have loved them and are very excited to try and taste....

Remembrance For Lost Species 

Did you know that November 30th is Remembrance Day for lost species...
Year 2 have really enjoyed creating information posters about the American bison who almost became extinct after the colonists went to America.
See what facts they are able to recall about Bison and tell you all about them.

Maths - Friday 20th November 2020
I know a few parents have said the children are finding the times tables rock stars hard at home. Today we have been using a new website called Top marks which has loads of different games for all subjects.
We have been playing the multiplication train game using 2s 5s and 10s.
Here is the link if you would like to have a go at this at home.

Anti-bullying Week - 16th to 20th November 2020

Year 2 have been learning about Anti-bullying week. We’ve looked at what bullying is and how it affects people. We have made a class pledge that we do not accept bullying, and we choose to do the right thing.

As a class we thought about ways that we could combat bullying, and we have thought of some ideas about what we could do instead to help and stop bullying when we see it.

Here are some of the class ideas of what we choose to do instead...

Interfaith Fortnight

Thursday 19th November 2020

Year 2 have been learning how to do a Bollywood dance because we have been learning about Hindu weddings.
The children have enjoyed learning some new dance moves and having a practise of some Bollywood dancing.
Here is the video... enjoy!

Today we have done our first whole class DEAR reading session (drop everything and read)
The children loved having the opportunity to share their reading books and show off their reading skills.
Please can parents make sure that your child’s reading books are in bags everyday as we will be doing this more and more in class.

Remembrance Day

Year 2 have had a lovely, creative afternoon creating poppies in different ways. We have used clay to create a 3D poppy which we will be painting later on this week, and we have also used some newspaper headlines as a background for some poppy art work.

Bonfire Night

We have done some brilliant artwork this afternoon to celebrate Bonfire Night. We found some steps a bit tricky but we persevered and we were super happy with the final result 

Class Newsletter - Autumn Term (1) 2020

Topic Homework - Autumn Term (1) 2020

What we have been up to so far......

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Please click here to view what we get up to with our Commando Joe missions.


We didn’t let the rain stop our PE session today


Multi Skills



Year 2 had loads of fun using their bikes and scooters in school.

Roald Dahl Day - Friday 11th September

PE with Commando Joe - Wednesday 9th September