St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Class 1 2022 / 2023


Class Teacher: Mrs De-Whytell                       Teaching Assistant: Mrs McAteer

Class Newsletter - Summer Term 2023

Topic Homework - Summer Term (2) 2023

Year 1 - Reading Passport 


Over the summer, each class teacher has been compiling a list of 20 books to read by the end of the year. These books are a mix of different texts, authors and text types. These can be read by the children, or read to them depending on your child's reading stage. 

Children will be coming home with their own reading passport. This will show the 20 books for your child to read by the end of their class year. Over the year, the children will have the opportunity to read these books at home, and then you can sign the passport when the books have been read at home. All of the books that are on the passport are available from each class reading area, though you may have some copies at home. 

After a book has been read and signed by an adult, a stamp or a sticker will be added to the passport in class to show that that book has been read. Once your child has read all of their books for the year, they will receive a certificate, a prize and their name will go onto our school Wall of Fame display. 

We hope that this will help to encourage the children of St Joseph's to develop their love of reading for pleasure, and to help them to find new authors, text types and books that will spark their interest. 

Happy Reading!

What we have been up to so far........

We were so lucky today…we just managed to sneak our basketball lesson in before the downpour!

This week’s Commando Joe session

Check us out learning new basketball skills

Yesterday’s theatre workshop was AMAZING! The children were riveted the whole way through. We leaned about carbon, oxygen, carbon sinks and renewable energy. Even I learned a thing or two! Thank you so much to West End in School

Topic Homework - Summer Term (1) 2023

What we have been upto so far.....


Commando Joe - Summer Term (1) 2023

This afternoon, our Commando Joe mission was to transport these injured animals to safety. We talked a lot about teamwork and empathy. You’ll be glad to know, all the animals survived and are now thriving in the classroom!

A little meditation to chill us out before lunch

Topic Homework - Spring Term (1) 2023

Maths - Spring Term (1) 2023

Year 1 had such good fun playing a hide-and-seek maths game! I heard so many giggles and saw so many smiles, it was great to see them enjoying their maths.

Topic Homework - Autumn Term (2) 2022

Class Newsletter - Autumn Term (1) 2022 

What we have been up to so far.....

Autumn term (2) 2022 

Poppy Poems -  24th November 

Wow! I am SUPER proud of these amazing acrostic POPPY poems! Their first draft too! I can’t wait to see the ‘big write’ once they’ve edited. 

Commando Joe 

Topic Homework - Autumn Term (1) 2022 

What we have been up to so far.....

Autumn term (1) 2022 

Commando Joe Mission 

We’ve had our first mission with Commando Carl this morning. We had to work as a team to help Goldilocks cross the river. We had to use lily pads to help us cross so that we didn’t fall in the water!

British Values - Democracy