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The internet is a great way to discover, create and connect with people. Issues around the safe use of the internet and cyberbullying are few and far between but they do happen, in all walks of life.

St Joseph's proactively promote e-safety and the prevention of cyberbullying. Bullying in any form has no place at St Joseph's. Our E-Safety team in school can advise all students, parents and governors on e-safety issues. Please use the 'Contact Us' tab to get in touch if you have any queries.

Department for Education - Advice for Parents and Carers on cyber bullying

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Do I share too much of my child's life online?

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Parent Information Sheet - WhatsApp

Parent Information Sheet - TikTok App

Top Tips For Parents - National Online Safety 

Tim Pinto - E-Safety Workshops for Parents, Staff and Children

Tim Pinto visited St Joseph's School to help us all learn how to stay safe online. He worked with parents, children and the staff.

Please click here to see the E-Safety presentation to parents.

E-Safety Now is a termly newsletter offering information about online safety for schools and can be found in the 'Latest News' section. It also includes free parent/teacher resources. Please visit https://esafetyoffice.co.uk/ for more details.

Doncaster Council have an information page to support anti-bullying and online protection.
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Advice for parents and carers: setting up Parental controls 


In addition to parental controls offered by your internet service provider (ISP), some devices, such as games consoles, tablets and smart phones have additional settings. Please read the   Parents' Guide to Technology produced  by the Safer Internet Centre for more information.


Below are some great websites to help students and parents get the most out of your technology, use the internet responsibly and to keep you and those you care about safe on the internet.


Staying Safe on the Internet

Safer Internet Centre

Advice and resources for parents from setting up parental controls offered by your internet provider to parental guides to new technology.


Find out what's good and what's not so good on the internet and what you can do about it.

Know IT All

An interactive internet safety resource.  Contains the latest advice on cyberbullying and reporting.


Information and advice to encourage responsible digital citizenship. 


Great for children, teachers, parents and carers.  Fun games and activities alongside internet safety advice.


Social Networks and Blogs

Snapchat esafety


Parents - understand the positive and creative ways people are using social networking spaces and the potential risks of using these sites and the ways to minimise these risks.


Information about social networking sites and how to use them responsibly, plus advice on preventing and responding to cyberbullying.


Computer Protection



Produced by young people. Explores the issues of internet security and protection with explanations, important information and advice on how to protect a computer from viruses, phishing, scams, spyware and trojans.