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School Council

Welcome to our School Council Page!

Each Class vote for two peers to represent their class at each meeting. They listen to ideas and suggestions to improve our school life and bring those ideas back to class to discuss. If any pupil would like to put forward a suggestion, please see your class councillor to raise at the next meeting, we'd love to hear from you! 

Keep an eye on this page for details of when we meet and what we are discussing and voting for (or against!) 


School Council Meeting

Mrs Falero ran through the role of the school council, then all elected school council members introduced themselves to each other. Mrs Falero asked the council what they thought their role in the school council entailed and what was expected from them during these meetings.

Each class was given a small pocket book to write the class ideas in and any notes from the meeting that take place. All members were given a school badge.

First on the agenda, the council members were informed that there would be a new reading area to be situated outside year 2. Mrs Falero showed the council photos of items that could be purchased with the maximum spend to be no more than £1000.

All the council members had a full and frank discussion as to which items they would prefer and also with additional items that may enhance the area, such as fairy lights, cushions and fake flowers in pots. 

The main consensus was that the throne would be the main feature with additional smaller seating, cushions would be kept with reading books in a large container to keep them dry.

Mrs Falero thanked all Councillors for their input.

Tuesday 13th June


 Mrs Kelly called a School Council meeting today to discuss something exciting. The school have successfully secured a bid of almost £10,000 to develop an adventure area for the children to use before school, after school and at playtimes.

The school council viewed the provisional design and commented on the features. They also viewed where the playground would be placed and had their photo taken on the area where the structure will be built.

The School Council can not wait for the structure to be finished and asked if they could be the first to have a go!  

Friday 9th June

Friends of St Joseph's called a School Council meeting to propose the idea of purchasing some sheltered seating to go around the trees by the school playground. It was a unanimous decision to go ahead with this, resulting in excitement and further discussion on which colours to go for. 

The seating is made from recycled plastic that requires no maintenance and come in a choice of attractive colours. Each class was given a laptop for their School Councillors to view the product website and then a vote was taken on which colours would be popular. 

It was agreed that we would purchase at least 2 rainbow seats, one red, one blue and one green, with the possibility of a yellow one if funds allow. 

We also tackled the problem of rubbish around the school playground and field by unanimously agreeing to purchase three brightly coloured bins for the playground, also made out of recycled plastic. 

Mrs Forbes, for the Friends of St Josephs, was delighted at the outcome of the meeting and at the positive input each class made.