St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Physical Education (PE)


Our School Definition of PE:

Activities and life skills that encourage us to be active and fit for life

Intent Statement - PE

At St Joseph’s School, we are athletesWe want our children to love physical education, and take part in a wide range of sporting activities. We are passionate and committed to ensuring that the children have no limits to what their ambitions are. We aim to enhance the children’s confidence when determining where they want their physical education to take them in the future, whether that be a personal trainer, nutritionist, sports journalist or even a gold medal winner. We believe that through the providing of positive experiences in physical activity, a lifelong interest is stimulated, which ultimately encourages a continuation into a healthy adult life for all our children.


At St Joseph’s School, we expose the children to sports by delivering a vast range of activities, which cover all aspects of the PE National Curriculum. Our whole school approach provides an array of opportunities to be both physically active and to support learning, and this applies to all children in school. This is regardless of age, gender, race and faith. As a school, we believe that through experiences of a broad, balanced and progressive PE curriculum, the children will continue to have the motivation, confidence, physical competence, subject specific knowledge and understanding to value and take ownership for their engagement in sports. Physical activity not only improves health, reduces stress and improves concentration, but also promotes correct physical growth and development. Exercise as a whole has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others.  


We believe that the providing of a broad and balanced curriculum of physical education should result in positive accessibility to activities that are purposeful and enjoyable. We strive to help all children make rapid progress in their physical, social and mental development. This helps to maintain a positive physical and mental outlook for the future.

In addition to in school activities, St Joseph's also offer a range of out of school clubs and activities focused around PE. The intent of these is to give children the opportunity to develop additional PE skills which are of particular interest to them. To see examples of our out of school PE activities, please see our Enrichment Activities Page


Implement Statement - PE

Children at St Joseph’s undertake weekly indoor and outdoor PE sessions, taught by class teachers and also providers from KIXX.

  • Our use of PE coaches at KIXX ensure that our children receive quality first provision in all year groups, and supports the development of PE teaching and learning skills for our teachers. KIXX also deliver both morning and afterschool clubs, promoting a range of different sports and activities.
  • All children have access to an inclusive curriculum as well access to a variety of extracurricular activities, such as after school clubs, breakfast clubs and tournaments.
  • Support is provided for SEND children in line with other subjects and differentiation is provided accordingly, meaning every child accesses consistent opportunities to achieve.
  • All lessons are planned using the Rising Stars PE Scheme. The lessons focus on improvement in performance, competition and social and mental development. All key skills to support beyond the classroom.
  • A progression of skills is used with each year group, which enables pupils to build on core skills learnt, including regular assessments in each lesson.
  • The children’s progress in PE is accessible by all teachers, which allows for all members of staff to have an active role in promoting the profile of physical activity, sport and PE throughout the school day.
  • During playtimes and lunchtimes at St Joseph’s, we encourage the children to engage in physical activity and games to ensure there is an engagement in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. We have secured National Lottery funding to successfully build a 'trim trail' which the children have access to during play and lunch times. We promote the daily mile within school using our track on the field and make lessons practical, where appropriate, to support this further. 
  • Our participation within sporting events raises the profile of PE further, and creates even more enjoyment out of physical activity. This closely links with our intent of allowing all our children to be physically active for life and understand the benefits and purpose of this.
  • The children in Year 5 participate in a swimming curriculum from the spring term onwards. This is essential in teaching them this important life skill, as well as life saving techniques.
  • Year 6 children are invited to attend a residential trip where they undertake a vast range of outdoor activities with an aim to further develop a love for adventurous activities.


Impact Statement - PE

The impact of this curriculum design will lead to outstanding progress in the children’s performance, competition and social and mental development. We expect the children to not only have developed competence within their sporting abilities, but to have gained confidence, self-belief and enjoyment through the activities they take part in. Therefore, the children who leave St Joseph’s in Year 6 will be a well-rounded individuals physically, socially and mentally.  We hope to encourage and inspire the children to take on their own independence and responsibility towards their health, fitness and well-being throughout their life.


Please see the Subject Progression Document for PE below...