St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Commando Joe Missions 2020-2021


Summer Term 2021


Mission: Star Shapes

This morning Reception completed a Commando Joe mission where they made star shapes using their bodies and equipment, working as teams together. They were all superstars!

Mission Completed: 16th June 2021

Mission 2: Humpty Dumpty 

This week in Reception we continued our newest mission Humpty Dumpty. The children had to work in temas to build a wall for Humpty Dumpty using large building bricks. The children thought about different ways of constructing their wall so that it wouldn’t fall down. After building the walls we tested to see whether Humpty Dumpty could sit on the wall without falling off, and it was a success!

Mission Completed: 12th May 2021

Year 4

Mission 1: Border Crossing

For our first Levison Wood mission, we developed our skills of
communication and team work to unanimously agree upon an
outcome to a scenario while completing a journey to the border.
We had to work as a team to complete obstacles to ensure we
made it to the border with in the time limit.

Mission Completed: Wednesday 12th May 2021

Spring Term 2021


Mission 2: Jack and Jill 

This week in Commando Joe’s we have completed Jack and Jill mission 2. This week we have been thinking about what a crown looks like and who might wear one. In small groups the children designed their own crowns using a range of equipment.

Mission Completed: 10th March 2021

Mission 1: If You’re Happy and You Know It

This week in Commando Joe’s we have started our new mission called, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’. The children have learnt a new version of the original song which is all about showing you care. The children have learnt all about trust and taking care of each other this week. The activities the children took part in helped to develop these skills.  

Mission Completed: 24th March 2021

Mission 2: If You’re Happy and You Know It 

This week in Commando Joe’s we have been singing the song, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ and linked to this we have been exploring different emotions we might feel. The children picked two emotions and decorated biscuits to show how they are feeling.

Mission Completed: 31st March 2021

Mission 2: Jack and Jill

This week in Commando Joe’s we have completed Jack and Jill mission 2. This week we have been thinking about what a crown looks like and who might wear one. In small groups the children designed their own crowns using a range of equipment.

Mission Completed: 10th March 2021

Year 1

March 10th 2021

Year 4

Mission 1: Border Crossing

Wednesday 12th May 2021
For our first Levison Wood mission, we developed our skills of communication and team work to unanimously agree upon an outcome to a scenario while completing a journey to the border. We had to work as a team to complete obstacles to ensure we made it to the border with in the time limit.

Year 5

Mission: Cross Water

The children in Year 5 completed a mission which required teamwork to cross some ‘water’. They needed to use the equipment that had been given to them to get across the water without touching the ground at any point. The children used teamwork to reuse some of the equipment to achieve their goal to get their whole team across to the other side. They were able to use a variety of items to complete this on multiple occasions as well as discussing their tactics after reflecting on their previous attempts.

Mission Completed: 17th March 2021

Year 6

Autumn Term (2) 2020


Mission 3 : Elliott Excellence

Our 3rd mission was last week and the children were learning that we need to keep trying even if we find something difficult. The children ‘climbed the mountain’ (an obstacle course) and when they heard the word “avalanche” they had to stop climbing the mountain and seek shelter under their camp.

Mission completed: 22nd January 2021

Mission 2: Romeo Resilience

Our second mission was all about resilience. The children had to throw the ball that they had, firstly onto or as close to the mat as they could. Then the mission got harder, the children had to throw their ball into the bucket to feed the hungry bear. All the children kept going and never gave up, and kept going even when it got harder to get the ball in the bucket. All the children eventually threw their balls into the bucket with lots of encouragement from their friends.

Mission Completed: 27th November 2021

Year 1

November 11th 2020

December 9th 2020

We played some fun running games with Commando Joe

Year 2

Another great Commando Joe session today. We have used teamwork and communication to design and build a bridge that the Native American’s could send food over to the colonists.
We then tested the bridges to make sure they were strong and sturdy.
What was fantastic was that there was not a single bridge that was the same as another. We all had different designs. Great job Y2

Week Commencing 7th January 2020

December 9th 2020

Year 3

Mission 5 - Wednesday 25th November 2020

Battle of the archers & gladiators.
We split into two teams to become archers and gladiators. We made our defence in our camp bases. We had flying arrows that we had to use to try to defeat our opposing team.

Year 4

November 18th 2020

Moving ice without using hands in our Commando Joe session.

December 2nd 2020

Working as a team to put ourselves into given orders. Definitely testing our resilience.

Year 6

Autumn Term (1) 2020


Mission 1: ‘We will work together’

Mission brief: The Nursery children would work together as a team to collect items from the garden (mat) before the bucket broke. The children needed to work out which item was breaking the bucket when the shaker sounded.

Mission completed: 23rd October 2020.


Mission 1 15.10.20

Our very first mission was Incy Wincy Spider: To the top! The children worked in teams of 4 to complete the obstacle course. The mission involved completing the obstacle course without touching any of the equipment. However, the children had to represent a spider by having their legs joined together, which made the task challenging. The children were amazing! They all worked together and showed a lot of resilience. Well done!

Year 1

Year one have completed mission one with Commando Joe. They had to pretend to be Golidlocks and return the porridge back to the three bears. They were asked to stand at the start of the 'woods' and carry the porridge (sand) in a small cup all through the woods (the assault course) climbing over and under things. Once they reached the other side, they had to put the porridge into a bucket ready for the bears. They had to work as a team to feed the bears as quickly as possible, without dropping any porridge. They all did a great job! 

Mission 2

Commando Joe Mission 2! This week's mission required the children to act as Golidlocks and pass through the wood to give Granny her apples, however... there was a big bad wolf asleep in the middle of the path!! Can the children walk past him without waking him up? To make the challenge even harder, the children had to work in teams and were only allowed to move forward if they could stand on one of the 5 place mats. 1 mat per person, have a look to see how well year one worked as a team to pass the mats forward after each step they took. Oh, and don't forget your apples for Granny!  


Our mission this week had a 'Jack and the bean stalk' theme. We had to work as a team to pass the treasure up to the top of the beanstalk, without dropping it or us falling off. Our beanstalk was a little bit like an obstacle course. One person had to balance on a mat, one person had to walk across a bench, one person had to jump through ladders and one person had to balance on some tyres! We had to be resilient when we fell off the beanstalk and keep trying. We also learnt from our mistakes such as the best way to balance on some tyres.

Year 2

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

What a great Commando Joe session! The children have been learning about teamwork and making quick decisions in order to rescue John Smith from the Native Americans. I have been really impressed with some children this week for their the logic they were showing when finding a safe route to save the captive.
Well done Year 2

Year 3
Year 3 absolutely loved meeting Commando Joe and having their first session with him.
Commando Joe told us lots of interesting things about himself and spoke to us about the rules he has to keep us safe when using the mission equipment. 
Our first session was all about having fun, and listening carefully to each other. We played lots of fun, energising games to get our heart rate going. 
We are super excited for our first mission with him.

Year 4

On Wednesday 16th September, Year 4 had their first session with Commando Joe. It was a great session that was enjoyed by all the children in the class. Commando Joe introduced himself to the class and shared some information about himself. The session was all about the class getting used to Commando Joe’s expectations of their behaviour.

Once in the hall, the children played different games. All these games involved developing listening skills and embedding Commando Joe’s rules and expectations.

Year 5

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first session with Commando Joe. They made a great effort to stick to Commando Joe’s rules, and they were able to demonstrate a range of skills in the games that we played in the hall together. They had a very positive attitude throughout all of this, and they are looking forward to starting their missions next time!

Year 6

Commando Joe – Tuesday 15th September 2020

Year 6 had their very first session with Commando Joe today. Commando Joe spent time with Year 6 explaining his rules and expectations for the up-coming missions. The class were then challenged to see how well they could follow instructions moving through school and during some indoor games. Commando Joe was so impressed with Year 6 that they were rewarded with Commando Joe Bear for the week.

Year 6 First Mission – Protect Those Who Protect You. 

Wednesday 30th September

Year 6 worked very hard in their teams this morning to complete their first mission. They were spies in training, practising keeping information safe and the country free from potential, ‘invasion.’ Each team had a designated hoop, which was their base and a ‘sentry’ was appointed to protect the base and keep the secrets (balls) safe.              

Everyone else in the team was free to steal secret information from other teams. Year 6 learnt to work together and to be resilient, if they were caught stealing a secret they had to return that secret but keep going. They discussed how traits such as being stealthy and persevering were key to being a successful spy and they discovered that the more spies they had, the more information and secrets they found out. Well done, Year 6!