St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Nursery 2022/2023


Class Teacher: Miss Goodwin                  Teaching Assistant: Miss Ashwell & Miss Cook 

Class Newsletter - Summer Term (2) 2023

Nursery - Reading Passport 


Over the summer, each class teacher has been compiling a list of 20 books to read by the end of the year. These books are a mix of different texts, authors and text types. These can be read by the children, or read to them depending on your child's reading stage. 

Children will be coming home with their own reading passport. This will show the 20 books for your child to read by the end of their class year. Over the year, the children will have the opportunity to read these books at home, and then you can sign the passport when the books have been read at home. All of the books that are on the passport are available from each class reading area, though you may have some copies at home. 

After a book has been read and signed by an adult, a stamp or a sticker will be added to the passport in class to show that that book has been read. Once your child has read all of their books for the year, they will receive a certificate, a prize and their name will go onto our school Wall of Fame display. 

We hope that this will help to encourage the children of St Joseph's to develop their love of reading for pleasure, and to help them to find new authors, text types and books that will spark their interest. 

Happy Reading!


What we have been up to so far....


You may have heard of Holi as the “festival of colour” where Hindus throw powder paint at one another as a celebration of ‘Holika’. This week, Nursery have been creating t-shirts to look like they themselves have been to the Holi festival.
We froze powder paints in ice cubes for a new sensory experience!

I’m excited to share our children’s hospital role play this morning! We are spending the week focusing on people who help us in the hospital

To practise our number formation this morning, the sparrows have been rolling a dice, counting the spots, then writing the corresponding numeral. Well done sparrows, you were fantastic!
I’d love to see photographs of you practicing your number formation at home!


This morning, the parrots have learnt about sharing and the importance of manners and saying sorry. We listened to a story about a teddy who didn’t share his cake at a picnic. We pretended that we were at a picnic and all worked hard to use our manners saying please and thank you whilst sharing some sweeties!

We’re having a big focus on number formation these next two weeks!

It doesn’t always have to be hand written by pencil to paper, it can be formed in sensory materials such as rice, sand or shaving foam!

I’d love to know if you practise at home. Send me some pictures on your dojo portfolios!

Class Newsletter - Summer Term (1) 2023

What we have been up to so far....

Nursery had a fun morning when the animals from the petting zoo came to visit. 

On Friday we released our baby butterflies into the world

This morning the sparrows have made a friendship recipe! We all gave an idea of how to be a good friend then mixed them together in the bowl.

Is there anything better than splashing bubbles in the sunshine? ☀️


Nursery have been learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar.


This morning we’ve been learning about Jesus being a role model. We heard the story of Jesus washing people’s feet when they were ill. We re-enacted this, taking it in turns to be Jesus.


Nursery loved pop star day! 

Class Newsletter - Spring Term (2) 2023

What we have been up to so far....



World Book Day and  Fairtrade Fortnight in Nursery 
We all loved dressing up for WBD and spending the day completing “Room on the Broom” activities. We also loved cooking banana fritters using FT ingredients. We didn’t all love eating the fritters though.

Class Newsletter - Spring Term (1) 2023

What we have been up to so far....


Sneak peak into next week’s provision! We’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year, so our role play has turned into a Chinese Take away. 


We had an amazing forest school session making nests for animals to hibernate in. The children were talking about the animals that might like to sleep in there such as a hedgehog or a dormouse! We made them cosy using leaves, sticks and grass.


This afternoon we used clay to make hedgehogs


A few activities set up for the lovely children coming back to Nursery!
A sensory hibernation exploration area and our role play has turned into a shop! 

Class Newsletter - Autumn Term (1) 2022

What we have been up to so far......

Autumn term (2) 2022

Forest school - 27th November 
The children went outdoors to listen to the different sounds they could hear. Whilst closing our eyes and using our sense of hearing the children could hear birds chirping and an aeroplane flying overhead. Some of the children heard the traffic from the nearby road. We then played a guessing game to find out what natural objects were making the sound around us. The children correctly the crunching of the leaves and the sticks banging together.

21st November - This morning children played outside and saw the ice in the water tray. We talked about how the cold weather had turned the water to ice. We also talked about how the ice melted when they picked up the ice because their hands were warm. 

Hanukkah - 15th November 

This week we are learning all about Hanukkah which is a Jewish festival, also know as the Festival of Lights. The children helped to make some traditional food called potato latkes which they loved!

The Smartest Giant in Town - 15th November 

The Snail and the Whale - 14th November 

Music - 9th November 

God's Creation - 9th  November 

Room on the Broom role play area - 7th November

The children have been enjoying our new role play area linked to the story Room on the Broom. They have absolutely loved acting out the story and of course dressing up. 

3rd November

This week we have been focusing on developing our fine motor skills. The children have really enjoyed hammering the golf tees into the pumpkins! 

What we have been up to so far......

Autumn term (1) 2022

Black History Month- 20th October 

The children have been learning about the story 'Handa's Surprise'. We looked at the continent of Africa, the weather and the different styles of houses some families live in. We watched videos of children dancing to traditional African music and we had a go at trying to copy their actions. Everyone had fun and enjoyed joining in with the dancing.