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2 October 2019 (by admin)

Today, the children have been invited to complete their first Commando Joe Mission.

In their classes, they were shown a video, featuring Commando Joe Bear! He explained to the children that they needed to complete a mission - following a map and finding clues. All of the children were transformed into soldiers, and they took part in the mission. This finished in the hall where they worked together to solve the problem based on the clues they had found.

The children explored the resources in the Commando Joe ‘Secret Mission’ Box.

Through their topics, the children will be completing Commando Joe missions regularly. We will share more information about this new scheme with parents at the next parent, governor and SLT coffee morning. We will also be sharing further information and examples of the missions completed via Dojo.

We would love to hear if the children have been talking about Commando Joe and their mission this evening. :- )