St Joseph's Feast Day

Here is a St Joseph's prayer you may want to say in mark of respect for the Sacred Saint.

Happy St Joseph's Feast Day! - Friday 19th March 2021
To celebrate this special occasion our children in all classes from Nursery to Year 6 have been busy creating their very own St Joseph's models. They will also be completing other work in class today to mark this special occasion and reflect on this wonderful Saint. We are going to send home the figures next Friday and ask for £1 donations from parents to help raise money towards the Good Shepherd appeal this year. We hope you like them!


To celebrate this special occasion the children have been busy creating their own St Joseph models. We will be sending the figures home this Friday, and ask for £1 donation to help raise money towards the Good Shepherd appeal this year.


In Reception we spoke about who St Joseph was and why he was a special man. The children created paintings of St Joseph and a St Joseph model. The children used wooden peg dolls and a range of craft materials to create their St Joseph model. We had lots of fun!

Year 1

Our fantastic Saint Joseph’s models that we made to celebrate his feast day on Friday. We looked at the pictures in a Bible to carefully observe his clothing.

Year 2

We have loved making our St Joseph dolls in class to celebrate St Joseph’s day.
It was fiddly, and a little tricky, but every single one of us persevered and have created a model that we are proud of and they all look amazing!!
Well done Year 2

Year 3
For Saint Joseph's Day, Year 3 learnt all about why it is important to remember Joseph. We discussed how he was like a father to Jesus, and that he is celebrated all over the world. We learnt about the different traditions in countries such as Spain and Italy. Did you know that in Spain, Saint Joseph's Day is also Father's Day? 
To remember Saint Joseph, we made lilies. Lilies are a symbol of purity, so St Joseph holds a lily to represent his holiness.  

Here is a more contemporary version of St Joseph from year 3.

Year 4

The children really enjoyed making their Figures of St Joseph’s. They represent his love for his family, Joseph and Mary.

Year 5

To celebrate a ‘Year of St Joseph’, the children have been doing a range of activities relating to the qualities of St Joseph. The children have been able to decorate and create their own figures for this in class as well as creating other artwork and drawings about him. They have reflected on the qualities that St Joseph showed and how we can show these in our own lives.

Year 6