St Joseph's School - A Catholic Voluntary Academy

Class 3 2022/2023


Class Teacher: Mrs Courtney                   Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wild

Newsletter - Summer Term 2023 

Topic Homework - Summer Term (2) 2023

Year 3 Reading Passport 


Over the summer, each class teacher has been compiling a list of 20 books to read by the end of the year. These books are a mix of different texts, authors and text types. These can be read by the children, or read to them depending on your child's reading stage. 

Children will be coming home with their own reading passport. This will show the 20 books for your child to read by the end of their class year. Over the year, the children will have the opportunity to read these books at home, and then you can sign the passport when the books have been read at home. All of the books that are on the passport are available from each class reading area, though you may have some copies at home. 

After a book has been read and signed by an adult, a stamp or a sticker will be added to the passport in class to show that that book has been read. Once your child has read all of their books for the year, they will receive a certificate, a prize and their name will go onto our school Wall of Fame display. 

We hope that this will help to encourage the children of St Joseph's to develop their love of reading for pleasure, and to help them to find new authors, text types and books that will spark their interest. 

Happy Reading!

What we have been up to so far....

Commando Joe - Today’s Commando Joe mission is to build a shelter using given equipment. (Mrs Bancroft)

 Year 3 Underbank Activity Centre class trip 

Our World, Our Future drama workshop - Here are some photos of the Our World, Our Future workshop this morning. The children loved participating and learnt so much about global warming . They were able to talk about small changes they plan to make which will make a difference. Well done, Year 3

Commando Joe - With Commando Tom, the children had a great time yesterday transferring ‘water’ in teams. They reflected on how they could work together well, and then they tried again with more success. Well done - you showed good communication, teamwork and self-awareness Year 3! (Mrs Bancroft)

Topic Homework - Summer Term (1) 2023

What we have been up to so far....

Commando Joe - communication and team work 

Class trip to Doncaster Stories 

We have had a fun afternoon raising money towards reducing the cost of our class trip to Underbank Activity Centre followed by an ice lolly to cool down.

Commando Joe's - use stratergy and teamwork 



Year 3 completing their sketching unit of work by drawing Kira Salak kayaking down the river. They look super, well done!

Year 3 listened to the story of Pentecost and acted this out. We discussed how God sent the Holy Spirit to help Christians after Jesus ascended back into heaven. We thought of different ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are shown in Christians today, such as gifts of wisdom and faith. Well done Year 3!

Year 3 enjoying their first Commando Joe session this week, working on persevering through a range of different challenges, even when they are tricky and make us tired!

Newsletter - Spring Term 2023 

Topic Homework - Spring Term (2) 2023

Year 3 have had a lovely afternoon participating in different experiments for Science Week. They did a different activity in each of the Key Stage 2 classrooms and were very enthusiastic!

World Book Day 2023  

Topic Homework - Spring Term (1) 2023

Class Mass 

Year 3 have had a special afternoon as Father John came into school to celebrate mass in class. Thank you to parents and grandparents who also joined us.

Topic homework - Autumn term (2) 2022

Fire safety talk
 Year 3 have had a visit from two firefighters. The children learnt ways to stay safe from fire and engaged really well, asking some interesting questions and completing a quiz at the end of the session. They learnt what to do if an item of their clothing caught fire (stop, drop and roll) and actions to help them remember this.

Commando Joe - fort building

Year 3 had lots of fun while learning about soil formation. We have made wormeries and can’t wait to see how our slimy friends mix up the different layers! 

Class trip - Murton Park 

Class newsletter - Autumn term (1) 2022

Topic homework - Autumn term (1) 2022