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Every Friday each class teacher chooses 2 superstars from their class.

The two children are chosen for a special mention for their work, effort or care shown during that week. They receive a certificate and Miss Marsden comes around each class on a Monday to give them a headteachers award sticker and to take their picture.

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Autumn Term 2

Class Celebration 18th December 2020

Year 1

Our winners both won their certificates for such fantastic maths work. They were able to work out one less than an amount within 20. Our young man also wrote some brilliant sentences about Santa, and remembered all of his finger spaces!

Class Celebration 11th December 2020

Reception Certificate Winners

"He has received a certificate this week for being a superstar. He always makes the right choices in class and always tries hard with his learning. Well done!"
"She has received a certificate this week for trying very hard with her learning this week. She has listened to instructions carefully and completed the tasks. Well done superstar!"

Year 1 Certificate Winners

These two young ladies are always trying their best, every single day. They are shining stars in our class through determination and resilience. Keep up the fantastic work girls! 

Year 2 Certificate Winners
This boy is always working hard and shows great perseverance skills. He continues to work hard all the time, and never gives up. I am so proud of you! Well done!
This girl is really impressing me with her spelling in class. She is trying so hard to apply the spellings she is learning to all lessons and this is shown in the work she is producing. Great job, well done!

Year 3 Certificate Winners

He is just a superstar. He always follows the school rules, and he is kind to all of his class friends. Jenson joins in with class conversations. He has tried really hard this week in all of his lessons, but has particularly impressed me with his effort in maths. Great work! 

She is just amazing. She is always smiling, always being polite and always being wonderful. She tries super hard in all her lessons, and pushes herself to achieve the going deeper challenge too. Alyssa is kind to her peers, and is always the first to offer help to adults. Keep it up! 

Year 4 Certificate Winners

This week in Year Four, one boy and one girl won our Celebration Certificates. The boy won his for always trying his hardest. He has made fabulous progress in Maths especially, and is always prepared to challenge himself. We have also been impressed by all his piano practice in school for his Piano Prep Test - well done! The girl won her certificate for settling so well into Year 4. We love her smile and all the fun she brings into class. We have noticed that she is working hard on making good choices, and have seen some lovely writing and Maths work. Well done and keep up the good work!

Year 5 Certificate Winners

The massive effort you put into all learning. You consistently work at a high standard, and you always make excellent contributions to discussion in class, showing careful consideration of the learning taking place.  

Being an ‘always’ child. You have such a positive attitude to everything you do in school, always working hard and concentrating on what you are doing. You are very supportive and friendly towards you classmates, and you approach everything you do with a big smile on your face! 

Class Celebration 4th December 2020

Year 2 Certificate Winners

This boy always has a fantastic attitude to his learning, but I am getting more and more impressed with his mature attitude and the work he is producing. Great job, keep it up!
This boy has been working super hard in our maths sessions, and has really impressed me with his independence in learning. Great job. well done!

Year 3 Certificate Winners

He has settled really well back into school. He has been working hard, and has blown me away with his incredible attitude to his learning. He has especially excelled with his column addition and subtraction. He has been absolutely amazing and I’m super proud of him. 

She has been amazing this week. She has tried really hard in her reading assessments, and it has shown! She has been working well in maths, where we have been learning column addition and subtraction. She has shown a great attitude. Keep it up. 

Year 4 Certificate Winners

Congratulations to our Year 4 Celebration Certificate winners. One boy has won his certificate for a super week's work. He has written an excellent non-chronological report on Komodo dragons, and has also pushed himself through the Going Deeper challenges in Maths. The other boy has won his certificate for concentrating well in class, despite becoming a big brother this week! He has surprised himself with what he achieved in our Big Write non-chronological report. He has also persevered in Maths when he found it challenging. Well done to both boys! 

Year 5 Certificate Winners

Consistently working hard in all you do. You have a fantastic attitude to everything you do in school, and you are always keen to challenge yourself in lessons. Keep up this amazing effort!   

Being an ‘always’ child. You work fantastically in all you do, and you have a lovely, caring manner towards others in the class. You have also produced some incredible artistic homework – you are turning our class into your own, personal gallery!  

Year 6 Certificate Winners

For always putting 100% effort into your work. You always produce work to a high standard and you are always listening and ready to learn. I loved your thoughtful and creative work that you produced for our focus day on Remembrance for Lost Species. Keep shining bright!

For being a team player. You really impressed myself and Commando Joe this week with how you ensured everyone made it safely through the tunnel during the class mission. You were also eager to build the escape tunnel and encouraged others by making helpful suggestions. Keep up this brilliant attitude! You are a star!

Class Celebration 27th November 2020

Reception Certificate Winners

“This week I have decided to give everyone in reception a certificate for working very hard whilst at home. You have all blown my socks off and I have really enjoyed seeing all of the fantastic work you are doing at home! Well done superstars!”

Year 1 Certificate Winners

"I would like to be cheeky this week and give all of year one the certificate! They have coped so amazingly well with being told we have to stay at home and learn online. Lots of them have been sending me their work and then also complete their improvements! Super proud of you year one! Can't wait to see you soon."

Year 2 Certificate Winners

This boy has been working so hard on maths with parents over this last week; completing 25 activities! I am so impressed with your effort and enthusiasm, and how hard you have been working. Keep it up, well done

This girl impresses me more and more each week. She works hard, contributes to lessons, and puts in so much effort into her learning. This is shown in the work she produces in every lesson; especially during our English sessions where she really flourishes. Fantastic work; well done

Year 3 Certificate Winners

She has had a wonderful week in Year 3, and is really settling well into our class. She always follows the school rules, and is polite to staff and her class friends. She has been trying really hard in our assessments this week to show what she is capable of. Keep up the great work! 

She has been working really hard this week. She has shown a great attitude towards her assessments, which has meant that she has done really well! She always does as she is told first time, and I don’t think her name has ever been moved down! Keep up the wonderful work.  

Year 4 Certificate Winners

A big well done to one girl and one boy in Year 4 this week, who have won celebration certificates. The girl was awarded her certificate for showing respect to both adults and classmates. She models lovely behaviour for learning and it shows in the well-presented work she produces. She has also applied herself really well in Maths and is showing great progress. The boy gained his certificate for listening well in teaching times and offering some great answers, which has helped to move the class's learning forwards. 

Year 5 Certificate Winners

Your increased determination to challenge yourself in all areas of your learning. You have consistently been ‘Going Deeper’ in your Maths, but you have also been trying much more in other areas of the curriculum and you have been making sure you have been using all aspects of your success criteria in your writing.   

Your enthusiasm towards all your learning. You are always actively involved in all lessons, wanting to answer questions and giving your own ideas about what we are doing. You have shown a great improvement in the quality of your work as well, and have made a great effort to ‘Go Deeper’ in your learning.  

Year 6 Certificate Winners

You have earned this certificate for for always putting in 110% into everything you do! You have really impressed me with the detailed and thoughtful responses you have given in RE related to expectations. You are also consistently producing English work that is to a brilliant standard, demonstrating your sound understanding of the learning we are doing in class. Keep up the brilliant effort! You are a star!

You have earned this certificate for for always putting a brilliant effort into your work. You have impressed myself and Mrs Forbes with the care and effort you put into your Switch Off Fortnight poster. It was a high quality piece of work that I have passed on to Mrs Wallhead to showcase what Year 6 have been up to. You also always make interesting and relevant contributions to class discussion. Keep up the brilliant effort! You are a star!