Friends of St Joseph's

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We are the fundraising team. Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent or friend of a child at St Joseph's you too are a Friend of St Joseph's. Together we can make a difference by raising money for those extras that the school budget may struggle to pay for.

Keep an eye on this page as it will always be up to date on what we are doing, what we have done and how much we have raised after each event.


If you can help out at any event or have any fundraising ideas please contact the school office at any time!

Thank you


Our fundraising total for the year 2018/19 was:


Thankyou so much!



Event results this year:- 

Total raised this school year 2019/20 ...


Exciting News!

Over the summer we had new red blinds fitted in the school hall. The old ones were no longer fit for use as they were broken and well past their best! We use the screen in the hall daily and with the sun on  the back of the school it can sometimes be difficult to see the slides. The new blinds will rectify this problem and they look really smart too! Many thanks to everyone for your part in raising our biggest annual total yet!!


Forthcoming Events (Summer'20)


Daily KS2 Tuck Shop (Monday-Thursday breaktime)

Weekly Pocket money stall (Friday morning breaktime)

School Lottery (coming soon!)

Thank you so much for your support in these events!

Our purchases 2019/2020...

Christmas Panto paid for the whole school

Sweets for Christmas parties

Father Christmas presents for Foundation Stage

Nursery Outdoor equipment

Weekly attendance prizes

Have you any suggestions? What would you like us to spend the Friends' money on? We'd love to hear from you!!

What we bought last school year 2018/2019:

African dance and workshop morning for the whole school (Sept 2018)

Drum Masterclass with Jeff Rich (Status Quo)

Heavy duty Scooters 

Father Christmas presents for Foundation Stage

Wizard of  Oz Pantomime for the whole school

Table crackers for Christmas lunch

Tub of sweets per class on party day

Weekly attendance prizes 

Year 6 leavers' swim party

New blinds for the Hall

A NOTE FROM US........

Your generosity and support is second to none...thank you!

The school budget is getting tighter so our help is needed more than ever to ensure that resources and equipment are kept up to date to aid the education of our children. If you can help at any event, we would really appreciate it!!

Thank you once again