Growth Mindset

What is a mindset?

Your mindset is your belief- your belief about yourself.


What is a fixed mindset?

A fixed mindset is when a person believes their basic qualities or talents are fixed traits and that they cannot change or improve them.


What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is when a person believes that their qualities can be developed through their dedication and effort. They believe anything is possible when they set their mind and heart to a task.


What are we doing at St Joseph’s?

Our school strongly believes it is crucial that children develop a growth mindset which enables them to persevere when things get tough. We strive to ensure that children grow in confidence by understanding that making mistakes is a key to learning. Each class has worked hard to ensure that this underpins everything we do in the classroom and that children grow in confidence when taking risks and challenging themselves. Below are some pictures of our growth mindset displays and some of the activities we have used to introduce growth mindset to our children and to encourage them to change and grow their own mindset.


How can you change your mindset today?

Growth Mindset

'Quote of the Week'

We would like to develop a growth mindset within our whole community. Each week, a new quote is shared around school - pinned up in classrooms and office areas. This is also sent out via our app for the community to see.

Please see some of our growth mindset quotes below: