Reach for the STARS!

In September 2017, St Joseph's School launched their new behaviour policy.

Please click here to see a copy of our behaviour policy. 

If a child reaches the top of our behaviour ladder, they receive a very special 'reach for the stars' award. Stickers and prizes are also given.

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Please see below to see all our wonderful Reach for the Stars winners and the reasons why the award was given.

Spring 2 2019

Week Ending 15th March

Week Ending 8th March

Week Ending 1st March

Spring 1 2019

Week Ending 15th February 

Week Ending 8th February 2019

Week Ending 1st February 2019

Week Ending 25th January 2019

Week Ending 18th January 2019

Week Ending 11th January 2019

Autumn 2 2018

Week Ending 20th December 2018

Week Ending 14th December 2018

Week Ending 7th December 2018

Week Ending 30th November 2018

Week Ending 23rd November 2018

Week Ending 16th November 2018

Week Ending 9th November 2018

Autumn 1 2018

Week Ending 25th October 2018

Week Ending 19th October 2018

Week Ending 12th October 2018

Week Ending 5th October 2018

Week Ending 28th September 2018

Week Ending 21st September 2018

Week Ending 14th September 2018

Week Ending 7th September 2018

Summer 2 2018

Week Ending 20th July 2018

Week Ending 13th July 2018

Week Ending 6th July 2018

Week Ending 29th June 2018

Week Ending 22nd June 2018

Week Ending 15th June 2018

Week Ending 8th June 2018

Summer 1 2018

Week Ending 25th May 

Week Ending 18th May 

Week Ending 11th May 

Week Ending 4th May

Week Ending 27th April

Week Ending 20th April

Spring 2 2018

Week Ending 29th March

Week Ending 23rd March

Week Ending 16th March

Week Ending 9th March

Week Ending 2nd March

Week Ending 23rd February

Spring 1 2018

Week Ending 9th February

Week Ending 2nd February

Week Ending 26th January

Week Ending 19th January

Autumn 2 2017

Week Ending 21st December

Week Ending 15th December 

Week Ending 8th December 

Week Ending 1st December 

Week Ending 24th November

Week Ending 17th November 

Week Ending 10th November 

Autumn 1 2017

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


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