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Friends of St Joseph's

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We are the fundraising team. Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent or friend of a child at St Joseph's you too are a Friend of St Joseph's. Together we can make a difference by raising money for those extras that the school budget may struggle to pay for.

Keep an eye on this page as it will always be up to date on what we are doing, what we have done and how much we have raised after each event.


If you can help out at any event or have any fundraising ideas please contact me in school any time!

Thank you

Helen Forbes


Our fundraising total for the year 2016/17 was:


We are currently fundraising to pay the £1000 invoice for ensuring that all children in school experience this year's Christmas Panto. Please support us as much as possible!


Events   2017/2018     

26.10.17   Year 3 Cake Sale   £102.00
27.10.17  Autumn Term (1) Tuck Shop Profit   £165.77






Total raised so far 2017-2018...


Friday 9th June 2017

Friends of St Joseph's called a School Council meeting to propose the idea of purchasing some sheltered seating to go around the trees by the school playground. It was a unanimous decision to go ahead with this, resulting in excitement and further discussion on which colours to go for. 

The seating is made from recycled plastic that requires no maintenance and come in a choice of attractive colours. Each class was given a laptop for their School Councillors to view the product website and then a vote was taken on which colours would be popular. 

It was agreed that we would purchase at least 2 rainbow seats, one red, one blue and one green if the colours are available. 

We also tackled the problem of rubbish around the school playground and field by unanimously agreeing to purchase three brightly coloured bins for the playground, also made out of recycled plastic. 

It was fabulous for the children to have a say on what we spend and for them to put their stamp on it by selecting colours. Well done to our school council for such a successful outcome.




What we have bought this year 2016/17:


Nursery and Reception children's Christmas present from Santa on party day

New pump for the school pond in the quad area

Christmas Panto paid for all children

Dance session for each class on World Book Day with a professional Dance company

E- Safety day for Pupils, Parents and Staff

Refreshments for our Race for Life Sponsored Walk

New resources for displays 

Circular tree seating and outdoor bins for the playground

New play equipment for the Nursery and Reception outdoor area

A NOTE FROM US........

Your generosity and support is overwhelming.....thank you!

The school budget is getting tighter so our help is needed more than ever to ensure that resources and equipment are kept up to date to aid the education of our children. If you can help in any way at all, I would love to hear from you!!

Helen Forbes, Friends of St Joseph's